That Summer

Lucy and her best friend Amy are going on there fist holiday together for Amys 18th birthday with no mothers or fathers to watch. They meet new friends and have a unforgettable time but is new friends all the girls find?


3. The first day

After trying to find where the breakfast place was we then went down to the pool Amy had got up early to get sunbeds and we sat down.

"Shall I get drinks" I asked Amy

"Okay I'll have a cook tail since I'm now 18" she said winking

"Hah okay I'll be back now" I said as I made my way to the bar

I stood by the bar and waited to be served I noticed a tall boy came to stand next to me also wating to get drinks as I turned expecting to see another unattractive boy yet agin but this boy..this boy was gorgeous his perfect bold hair his blue eyes his lips and lip ring everything about the boy this was flawless.

"Hellos miss what can I get you" said the bar bar

"Oh yes can I have two cook tails please" I said

"Of course and for you sir? He said

"yes I'll have a bottle of water and 3 paints please'" said the gorgeous boy

"Yes coming up" said the bar man

I really wanted wanted to say something but thought about it and that would have been a bit creepy. I looked around the pool trying to be casual I could see him look down on me at the corner of my eye, I looked up at smiled he smiled back but looked uncomfortable with the situation.

Suddenly the tension was Broken when the bar man handed me my drinks and I thanked him and walked away looking back at the boy one last time.

"Here you go" I said as a quickly sat down on the sun bed and looked to see if I could see the boy from the bar, suddenly I spotted him walking back to where he was sitting.

I reached over to garb my sun glasses and watched as he handed out the drinks he with with 3 other boys.

One boy had his hair dyed red and had his eyebrow pierced but was ever cute.

Another boy had dark brown hair and a tattoo on his arm he seemed very chilled with his earphone in.

The other boy he was with looked older than the rest but not by much.

"Hello anyone home" said Amy waving her hand in front of my face and I lost my trail of thought

"What's up,You seem very distracted? Ooo has someone found a boy?" Amy joked

I laughed "I may or may not have found a very good looking boy at the bar" I winked at her.

"Well in that case next time I'll be going to get the drink" she said nugging me with her elbow and giggled at me.

After we finished are drinks Amy made no effort to go to the bar, I looked over to the the blond boy from the bar. I seen his friend with the red hair get up to go get there drink.

"Shall I go up an-" I started to say but was cut off but Amy she got up like a flash and said she wanted to go to see if she could find anyone.

A couple of minutes she can back with the drinks and a big grin on her face.

"Someone looks happy" I said "I guess you found someone"

"Evan better I was waiting for my drinks when this cute boy came up with wild red hair and I we started talking, he told me about this party on the beach tonight and invited us him and his friends are going to come to ours at about 9ish" she said sounding very exited.

Boy? Red hair? I looked over to see him and his friend smiling over at me and Amy and she waved at him.

"That's him over there" she's said "his name is Michael he's so sweet I can't wait for you to meet him"

"I can't wait" I replied the truth is I was a bit exited and a bit nervous it's clear as day that Michael other friends are going to be with him.

I looked at my phone to check the the time 6:30 appeared on my screen.

"I'm going up to start getting ready are you coming or are you staying here?" I asked Amy

"Well I'm not staying on my own am I?" She replied

** note

So by now you probably know it's not any good😂**

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