That Summer

Lucy and her best friend Amy are going on there fist holiday together for Amys 18th birthday with no mothers or fathers to watch. They meet new friends and have a unforgettable time but is new friends all the girls find?


1. Amy's birthday!!

"Happy birthday Amy" I yelled as I ran to hug her and hand her her card and present.

"Aww thanks Lucy" she replied returning my hug and took the card, "wow 18 I can't believe it!"

"I know same age as me now, and the best part of all is we get to finally get to go on are fist holiday together no mums or dads just me and you I can't wait!!" I screamed.

"Shhh" she said "everyone is looking at us now come on or we'll be later for Registration" she linked my arm and we walked in.

~skip to end of school~

The bell rang and everyone started ran out of school Amy and I walked out the doors trying to hold in are excitement as we walked out through the exist we threw are books hight in the air and screamed summer!!

"Just a couple more hours and me and you will be of to the airport" yelled Amy

" I know I'm so exited we'd better get home and sort are last bits of packing see you later" i said

we both waved and went home to do are last bit and get ready for my dad to take us to the airport. I looked in the mirror and smiled at my self 'iv been a waiting a year for this and it's finally happening' I said to myself.

My dad called up to me saying is was time to go and I ran down to the car.

"Now please be carful Lucy make sure you have plenty of sun cream on and don't lose anything!" Said my mum "I'm not 2 mother I can look after my self, see you soon" I replied

I jumped in the car and me and my dad when to pick Amy up. When we got to Amy's she was already and waiting for us, you could see her mother and father was a bit worried about us going but we've been waiting for this since we were little we always talked about is going aways for the summer just me and her and now it time! We drove to the airport listening to music and talking about what we were going to do when we get there we were so exited it was unbelievable!

~skip to on the plane~

I don't remember much a bout the plane we mush have fell asleep so we'd have some energy for when we landed.

**note- sorry I'm not every good at this it's my fist attempt things pick up throw the story**

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