Which One (An O2L & 5Sos Fanfic)

Halle was just a normal 18 year old till she meets O2l and 5SOS then who will she be with?

Luke Hemmings
Calum Hood
Michael Clifford
Ashton Irwin


2. Chapter2-Break Ups

Jc's POV

I walk to Lea's house and knock on the door this tall guy who is naked opens the door. "Who is it babe?" Lea asked walking to the door "U SLUT bitch ass I knew I should of broken up with u the moment I met u I Fucking hate u u little bitch" I walked away

When I got home I had literally a million and 1 text messages from Lea nothing really important just stuff like..

From Lea😘💏💙💜

Babe listen it wasn't what it looked like!


From Lea😘💏💙💜

Jc u know I love u!

I just texted back

To Lea😘💏💙💜

Save it were done

And I put in as


Then I fall asleep

Kian's POV

I text my closest friend Jasmine

To: Jassy💛

Hey are u going to the meet and greet this afternoon?

From: Jassy💛

Yeah but is it ok if I bring my BFF Halle

To: Jassy💛

Sure gtg

I get in the shower and head downstairs it's already 12:00 and the meet and greet starts at 2:00 better go wake the other boys up

Halle's POV

I get a text from Jasmine

From: Jassmine😽

Got a surprise for u by the way Happy Birthday!

Yes it is my 19 th Birthday I'm moving in with Jasmine and my mom bought me a cat named Jingle and my dad bought me a red Ferrari what else so I need?

To: Jasmine😽

Ok where do u want me to meet u?

From: Jasmine😽

Just come to that meet and greet on broad an allegheny!

I couldn't believe it that's the meet and greet where O2l is gonna be their than at the after party 5 seconds of Summer were gonna be their

To: Jasmine😽

Are u really gonna take me to a meet any greet?

From: Jasmine😽

What r u not impressed?

To: Jasmine😽

Of course I'm on my way

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