Which One (An O2L & 5Sos Fanfic)

Halle was just a normal 18 year old till she meets O2l and 5SOS then who will she be with?

Luke Hemmings
Calum Hood
Michael Clifford
Ashton Irwin


1. Chapter 1-Moving

Halle's POV

Ugh! I hate moving it's the worst. By the way my names Halle I guess I'm a junior my mom is Halle Berry so I'm Halle Berry Jr. I'm 18 and I just moved to Cali! "Halle Bear?" My mom says walking in. "Do u like your new room?" My mom asked. I nodded "Well I found more of your stuff so bye" She said dropping the boxes and leaving. I look in the1 box and see posters all types of Posters:

One Direction



I never had any of these this is weird my mom must of bout them! I hang them up and check the time on my IPhone 5c it's 10:00 p.m I fall asleep

*The Dream*

I met 10 boys their faces were Blurry but I fell in love with all of them they were perfect but one was really perfect and I fell in love..

*End of Dream*

Yes I do know Connor left sand he's gay now but just imagine all that stuff didn't happen and they are the same age!

Xoxo Synfanee

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