Clockwork Watch

The story is about a girl who receives a strange pocket watch. She then begins to have strange dreams and visions. Would you like to join her on her terrifying experience if so read this book


2. The watch


~Hello, my name is Eponine and I would like to share with you of an event that happened a year ago now. It is so spine-chilling, that even now I dread about what happened to me in the past, even now as I write this story for you. Not many have had an experience like mine and live to tell the tale like me. How  survived I am not completely sure on however, I am very grateful that I did.

It all started on April the 13th in 1960 when I received a strange item ; a pocket-watch. Where it came from or who it came from is another story that needs to be solved. The watch was silver and was very carefully made. On its locket, a rose was engraved in fine detail. Oh how beautiful it seemed before I knew what evil laid within its magical clockwork.

The watch was as big as the bottom of a average mug. Around the rose was some vines. On the back there was some writing engraved that read....


 Within the clockwork of this watch lies many powers,
 The evil within is easy to realise but hard to lock back up,
 Beware of what lies within or a fight you will have to win,

Not Knowing any better I thought this is an old tale. Then in the corner I found some more letters that read ' 1525 P. Henlein ' . This must be the creator of this fine watch. Also, the watch was ancient, you would never think it was made in 1525 by looking at the condition of it. I checked to see if it still worked which it did.

That night, I placed it on my bedside table and went to sleep and this is when the evil was realised.

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