Clockwork Watch

The story is about a girl who receives a strange pocket watch. She then begins to have strange dreams and visions. Would you like to join her on her terrifying experience if so read this book


3. The First Dream


~I woke up to find myself in Russia in the year 1543. I was walking down a cobble stone road that lead to a near-by village. It was a nice day, the sun was bright and and there was not a cloud to be seen. As I reach the village a lady, in about her twenties, ran over to me. Out of breath she came to me and said,
“ He has done it again, he has killed another innocent animal. The poor thing, this is the tenth time this week. What kind of Tsar is he ?”

Suddenly, I spot a big crowed of people. You could hear children screaming. Curious from the screams and what the lady said, I ran over to the center of this commotion. Bleeding to death, I find a dog lying at the foot of a six-story tower. The poor creature. It was lying there in so much pain, only seconds away from entering the after life. Curious and full of questions I walked over to a man leaning against a wall. After asking him what happened, he tells me to follow him.

This strange man takes me to his house. After entering, he leads me to his living room where we sat . Then he began to talk,
“ Its the Tsar Ivan, also known as Ivan the Terrible if you dare to call him that. He has pushed another innocent animal off the tower. Its the tenth time this week !”
“ Why did he do that and why is he called Ivan the Terrible ?” I asked curiously.
“ You must be new, not knowing about the one we all fear. He was given this name because of the dreadful things he does, like him murdering animals for no reason,” he said quietly. Leaning over, he whispered,
“ Some say he was as brutal and insane when he was a child. The church even said he was a child of the devil. Nearly everyone he sees is an enemy. If you are seen as a enemy, hell will soon come your way”
“Why ? “ I asked him wanting to know more.
Still whispering, he replied,
“ It is known that he has his own torture chamber where he will take innocent people to kill. Also , he will make you watch him beat the lives out of young children, even in front of their mothers!”
“ I would not want to be on his bad list” I muttered to myself.

The man offered me some breakfast which consisted of some bread and porridge. Not the most appealing but at least I had a full stomach. After I had eaten, I thanked the man and wondered through the village. Most people were hiding in their homes praying to god that they are not Ivan the Trerrible's enemy.

HELP! I turned to find a woman trying to protect her child from two guards. Rapidly, I ran over to her and begin to help. The guards push me out the way, but I turned back to them and pulled the child out of reach from theses tall, beady men. As I fought off the guards, the woman and child ran for the hills. Then out of no where, a strange figure grabbed me and ran to a near by woods. The two guards followed us up until we got to the woods, where they could not go any further. This figure took me to a cabin.


~The cabin was beautiful but, the true beauty of it laid on the inside. As you walked in, a magical feeling travelled through your body. The whole place was lit by candles and there was a lit fireplace. All the flames danced in time with the wind chimes which played a magical tune. There was a rug with the Green- Man on ( Pagan God) laying across the floor. Books filled the stomachs of shelves and many dream catchers hung from the roof. Although, there was only one dream catcher that caught my eye. It was a clockwork themed dream catcher. How peculiar it was I thought to myself. It reminded me of......

“ Please sit by the fire my child, where its warm” the strange figure said to me.

As we sat, the figure remove the cloak. It revealed a young woman. She had long black hair and a pale complection. Her eyes we the colours of hazelnuts. She was wearing a long brown skirt and a leaf-green top.
“ My name is Elisa, what is yours my sweet child” she asked in a calm voice.
“ I'm..I'm Eponine” I replied nervously.
“ I sense that you are new here my child,” Elisa said starring directly at my eyes.
“ What's troubling you ?” she asked.
“ Can you tell me why the guards wouldn't come into the woods” Curiously I asked.
“ It's because they are scared of me and theses mystical woods” Elisa said in a sweet voice.
“ But why ? Why are they scared of someone as sweet as you ?” I asked wanting to know more.
“ Oh sweet child, I am a white witch. But do not be scared, I am not a black witch which are the ones who do dark magic. I help heel the sick however, only few know this”
“ That's amazing !” I replied.
“ Thank you my child,” She replied.
“ I must be on my way back to the village now,” I told her.
“ Ok, but be careful of the one that most fear !” She replied opening the door for me

Time past and I had  finally reached the village. There to find the two guards waiting for me. One of them raised their fist and then BANG!

I woke up to find myself in a chamber. Could this be it ? Could this be the torture chamber ?    I  was chained to the walls. Then he walked in ! Ivan the Terrible was standing in the room with me and the two guards. Like the man said before, hell was about to come my way.
“ Do it !” Ivan yelled and then the guards laughed.

They grabbed me by my arms and legs and began to pull me in opposite ways. Pain filled my body as they stretched me more and more. It felt like they were going to rip me apart. Then they cut of my feet and hands. Ivan the Terrible laughed as they did. Blood gushed out of my body. I began to feel dizzy as I screamed in pain. My vision became poor and all I could see was Ivan starring at me as one of the guards swung  a sword to my neck..........

ARHHHH! I awake to find myself in my bed. ' Thank lord' I muttered to myself, ' it was just a dream, just a dream. I went to the bath room to splash water on my face and that's when I notice  cut marks on my hands, feet and neck!

 Later that day, I could not help but wonder why I had such a horrific dream and why I woke up  with marks on my body! The answer for this was not possible at that moment. The next night I went to bed still with the pocket-watch on the bedside table, hoping not to have the same dream or a dream as bad.

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