Clockwork Watch

The story is about a girl who receives a strange pocket watch. She then begins to have strange dreams and visions. Would you like to join her on her terrifying experience if so read this book


1. The begininng of the end


I ran for my life as this insane woman chased me around her home. She was carrying an axe stained with the blood of past lives ; mine soon to join. I felt petrified not knowing what might happen next. Was this all a dream like the other one  I have had before ? Could this woman just be my imagination ? However, I was not willing to found out at this moment. Still Chasing me, the woman yelled,
“ Come here, so I can decapitate your pretty little head off your body !”.
 After that an evil laugh followed. My heart was beating faster than ever, as I heard her tormenting voice come closer.

Out of no where, before my very eyes, the watch appeared. Then I realised, that if the watch got me into this nightmare, maybe it could release me from it as well. So, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the watch. Bloody Mary was about half a meter away from my head. As I reach for the watch , Bloody Mary lifts her axe ready to swing. At that moment, I reach for the watch...........



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