Clockwork Watch

The story is about a girl who receives a strange pocket watch. She then begins to have strange dreams and visions. Would you like to join her on her terrifying experience if so read this book


4. Bloody Mary


~ This time, I woke up in London during the year of 1553. I was walking down through the streets. How horrible it was. The streets were filthy. A disgusting smell polluted the air and on every road was the behinds of the horses and people. The houses where white and black and were made out of oak wood. The streets were narrow and the houses seemed to be leaning over you; watching everything you did. Then a paper boy dressed in rags ran past yelling,

“ Extra ! Extra ! Read all about it ! The queen has behead another soul after the woman refused to pay extra taxes ! Read all about it in the Daily Prophet ! Only 20p !”

Nervous, I run over to find the queen at a stand in front of a castle holding an axe covered in blood.
Shocked at the sight, I slowly backed away. I walked passed a shop window and had a look at my reflection. I was wearing a big green dress and had black heels on. Also, my hair was done in what looked like a ' bee-hive '. As I was walking along, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned, to find a knight in full armour starring at me.

“ Are you Miss Eponine ?” He asked in a stern voice
“ Yes I am,” I replied
“ Come with me, her highness Queen Mary has been expecting you,” he said in a stern voice.

Not daring to dis-obey him, I followed him to Queen Mary's Castle. He took me to a huge hall where the queen sat in her throne. Once I met face to face with her I bowed to show my respect.
Suddenly, two knights dragged in a man who screamed

“ You witch, you killed my dear wife ! Why ? Why ? No wonder people call you Bloody Mary !”
“ Off with his head !” yelled the queen. Then the poor man was dragged back out.


Then Mary turned to me and asked for the list of things I wrote down for her, so she could improve her country. Not having a clue about what she was on about, I looked into the purse I was holding only to find a list that read.......

The condition of the streets
The cost for taxes
The amount of people you behead
The age limit to be able to have a job
The treatment to your citizens

As I read this out to her, I was terrified of what she might do to me. After finishing  reading the list, I looked up to the Queen. Her face was as red as a tomato and you could see her blood boiling inside her. That's when she yelled,

“ How dare you try and tell me how to run my country ! Off with her head !”

  I really wanted to wake up now but couldn't so I decide to run. Mary picked up her axe and began to chase me after me ! I ran for my life as this insane woman chased me around her home. She was carrying an axe stained with the blood of past lives ; mine soon to join. I felt petrified not knowing what might happen next. Was this all a dream like the other one  I have had before ? Could this woman just be my imagination ? However, I was not willing to found out at this moment. Still Chasing me, the woman yelled,
“ Come here, so I can decapitate your pretty little head off your body !”.
 After that an evil laugh followed. My heart was beating faster than ever, as I heard her tormenting voice come closer.

Out of no where, before my very eyes, the watch appeared. Then I realised, that if the watch got me into this nightmare, maybe it could release me from it as well. So, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the watch. Bloody Mary was about half a meter away from my head. As I reach for the watch , Bloody Mary lifts her axe ready to swing. At that moment, I reach for the watch !

BANG ! I woke up to find myself in my room. I looked up to actually find Bloody Mary standing at the end of my bed holding her blood stained axe. Quickly, I go to grab the watch but She jumps onto me and pins me to the bed so I could not grab it. I reached and reached for it as Bloody Mary raised her axe. Somehow, I managed to brake free and grab the watch. That's when I ran to the window and chucked it out. Bloody Mary reached for the watch as it hit the ground and shattered into pieces. Releasing the evil past of history into the afterlife.

 From that night on, I slept peacefully, but every now and then I would wake with a strange make on my body which I could never explain. Now, I bet you are wondering about what happened to the watch however, I can not say as I don't know. When I went down to collect the shattered watch, it was gone. Therefore, there must be another story waiting to be told........

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