Same place


12. the talk

Then Luke and ash walk back in the room ash nods at cal and Michael "what's going on" I say as Luke sits next to me as the others just stair at me this At this point I was very scared I didn't know what was going on I just wanted someone to tell me

"Do you want to come with us" Luke said looking into my eyes "what do you mean come with you" I said as he laughed "come with us on tour around the world it'll be fun you can see our shows and you'll be with 4 friendly yet stupid idiots" Luke said as he held my hand

This was so much to think about going around the world "what about my mum my nan my friends back home my course work" I said in shock Luke smiled you can do what I did just get a bunch of your work and do it on tour and we will be back so you can see your mum and friends also skype with them" Luke smiled as he was hoping id say yes

"Yeah why not let's do it" I screamed and jumped on the bed as the otheres just staired at me " you might need to talk to your mum first" Michael said "oh yeah sure I'll talk to here tomorrow I am 18 so she can't really stop me" I laughed as we continued to party and drink

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