Same place


10. the party

I just put my head against the lift doors waitin the doors to open

When they did I fell face first to the floor forgetting they would open "dam it" I said as I got up off the floor I looked back and Michael was just laughing at me

"Dude it's not funny" I said as I walked of Michael then grabbed me "just relax will you it's a surprise for Luke so just come on" Michael said as he ran will me down the hall "wait but what surprise" I said as we stopped outside their room "we arnt going out tonight it's a party for Luke but this is the only way we thought would work" Michael said pushing me into the room

Cal was there sorting out a cake "hey Beth do you want to help" cal said with a smile I was still so confused what was going on I just answered my hotel room door and next thing I'm helping with a party

"Urm sure can you please explain to me what's going on" I said to cal as he laughed "are you serious there are bloons alcohol and I'm sorting out the cake" cal said as he laughed

"I just went bright red "oh it's his birthday but why didn't he say" I said as I walked over to see the cake "he dosnt tell anyone really he dosnt like birthdays so we always do a little party for him" cal said as he pointed to the other side of the room "you go over there I'm nearly done with the cake" cal said

So I just stood at the other side of the room "why am I standing here" I said as I started kicking balloons "because I don't know" cal just laughed as I felt like am idiot the door then swings right open it was Luke he looked angry

"Happy birthday" ashton screamed Luke just looked around "seriously guys why do that it's not funny" Luke said as he walked over and hugged me

"It was a surprise" cal said as he have Luke the cake Luke just looked at the cake with a evil smirk "Luke what are you doing" I said I knew what he was thinking grate I thought to myself like then took a hand full of cake and throw it at Michael "food fight" Luke screamed "as he then threw some at me "that's it" I grabed some and there it at ash as then looked at cal and took the cake and threw it all at cal

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