Same place


9. protective Luke

Hey Beth did ash tell you about us going out tonight" Luke said as he sat me down on to the bed "yeah I want to come with you" I said as I looked at the clock "what time are we going " I said to Luke

"We are going at 9pm for a meal then to a party but it's just a little party nothing big and I want you to stay with me" Luke said looking seriouse

"Yeah I will stay with you but why" I said then Luke just turned away "what's wrong please tell me I'm hear for you" I said hugging him "nothing it's just I'm very protective I just want you to be safe and no guy to lay eyes on you" Luke said looking to the floor

"Aww your so sweet but don't worry I'm with you and I won't leave you don't worry" I said as I turned Luke to face me I kissed him "I promise I'm with you and want to only be with you" I said as I hugged him

"Okay good your so beautif-" Luke was cut off by a knock at the door "hang on" I shouted as I ran to the door I opened it and ash pulled me out "what the fu-" ash covered my mouth "ssshhhh we are just messing with him" ash said as he pushed me to Michael as Michael then dragged me to the lift I then kicked him "Michael what are you doing" I screamed "calm down we are mates we are just playing a trick on Luke come on it's fun" Michael laughed "no Michael no this is not funny no Luke just told me how protective he is this is not good" I screamed to Michael

"Look Luke isn't protective he's cool" Michael said as he laughed at me

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