Same place


18. pizza

Michael walked in seeing cal and ash laughing "what's so funny" Michael said "look at Beth" cal said "yeah what about her" Michael said "are you seriouse your not going to do any thing" cal said as he looked at Michael in shock "dude she's in her pants who cares I will do Somthing though" Michael said as he walked over to me "Beth pizza chant" Michael said to me "yeah" I jumped on his back chanting "PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA" as we ran around the room "okay let's go out and get pizza" Luke said "now Michael put her down" Luke said seriously "but I'm not allowed out you said I say as I look at Luke "screw it screw the media let's do it" Luke said smiling as ash and cal was shocked "dude do you know what your doing think about it" they said "no don't worry it'll be fine I know there are fans out side but they'll like her their our awesome fans" Luke said as we all then went to get ready

We all were ready and in the lift Luke held my hand "you ready" he said "yep bring it on" I said as we got out the hotel there was screaming "who is she" one fan said to ash "Luke's girlfriend" ash said we all had pizza and headed back to the hotel as we then started drinking in the hotel room

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