Same place


13. packing

So it was the next morning I woke up on the floor cal was asleep hanging off the bed Luke was in the bed asleep and ash and Michael was in the bed too I woke up laughing quietly as I then remembed my mum would be back soon and I wasn't even in the right room

I slowly crawled towards the door trying not to wake anyone cal woke up and since he was hanging off the bed "why are you upside down" cal said as he was just lying there "sshh tell Luke I'll be back soon I'm talking to my mum" I said as I left their room and ran back to mine

I got back to my room thank god mum wasn't back yet I made the bed and got some fresh clean cloths on I noticed I had cake all over me dam it shower time I got a shower and got dressed I was thinking about how to talk to mum about Luke I mean Maby I'm over reacting Maby she'll like him okay time to face the music I walked out of my room all fresh and new cloths on mum then walked in as I hugged her "what what's all this for your acting like I've been away forever" she said as I didn't want to rush her but I just wanted to scream out about Luke but I knew I couldn't so I made her breakfast and a drink and waited for her to finish

"Mum I need to talk to you" I said as I sat down next to her "yes what's wrong" mum said as I took a deep breath "I met a guy who's so tall and blonde he looks so pretty I love him so much he's in a band and I met his band mates their really cool and their on tour and want me to go with them" I said as fast as anything

"Wait what calm down And say that slowly this time" mum said

"Okay I met a guy called Luke he's from Australia and is on tour with his mates he looked after me when you was away and tucked me in bed and left he invited me to go on tour with them and I said yes" I said calmly this time

"What why didn't you tell me I would of come right back you can't go on tour with some strange boy" mum yelled as there was a knock at the door my mum stormed over to answer it while I began to cry "Luke Hemmings" my mum shouted as I just looked over "yeah Urm that's me how do-" Luke was cut off by my mum yelling "your from 5 seconds of summer my friends daughter loves your music" mum said with excitement "always nice to meet a fan is Beth here" Luke said as my mum looked ate in shock "you know Beth" mum said "Urm yeah she's my girlfriend didn't she tell you" Luke said as he looked over at me

"Yeah mum do you want to tell Luke what you was saying I'm sure he will love to hear it" I said smiling at here sarcastically mum just looked at me and went red "Urm nothing I was just saying how nice it was about you inviting her on your with you but she didn't mention your name or the band name so I thought it was strange that she met some band and they invited her on tour" mum said as Luke looked at her "well I hope she can come on tour with us I'll miss her to much if you won't let her" Luke said as I walked over and hugged him "yeah mum so am I allowed" I said smiling

"Of course you can but Luke please look after her" mum said "I will look after her don't worry plus she's got Michael ash and cal too so she'll be fine" Luke said laughing

"When are you going then" mum said "oh yeah that's what I need to talk to you about we are leaving tomorrow so yeah you need to pack" Luke said as he kissed my forehead and left "tomorrow wow Urm that's not long to say good by" mum said as she started to cry " mum don't cry I'll be back soon and you've got a whole day with me" I said trying to calm her down "okay your right let's get you sorted out for tomorrow's Big day" mum said

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