Same place


7. meeting the guys

As Luke took me back to my room the guy with the bandanna called Luke over so I went to my room to go get my bag "where are you-" Luke was cut off by ash "dude you could of just told us we think it's pretty awesome" ashton said as he friendly punched Luke

"Look I don't want to be rude but can you guys leave see my mum dosnt like guys in my room I'm sorry" I said as I look to my feet I then look up and all the guys are hugging me I didn't know why but I felt safe "Urm what's going on" I said "nothing we just like hugging people" cal said "we do Luke like hugging you so he can feel your boobs" Michael said as he then ran out the door with Luke running after him "okay well we will go and see if Michael or Luke are dead but it was nice meeting you hey were going out tonight if you want to come with" ash said "Urm yeah that sounds fun" I said as he then high fives me and left with cal I then shut the door and laughed

"That was a strange way to meet his friends" I said to myself I then picked up my phone and called my friend as I was talking to her I felt so hands wrap around my waist

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