Same place


16. Luke's top

"Fine okay then I'll just stay here" I said as I just lay on the bed with my head in the pillow just moaning "look I know your moaning because your not happy but come on it'll be fine I'll be back soon" he said as he kissed my forehead and went out with the others as I just lay there

I got a bit mad that Luke went out with out me "I know" I said to myself I got a black band t-shirt out of Luke's suitcase it was a bit big for me it was like a dress so I just staying in my underwear using Luke's top as a dress I just then sat around all day watching TV it was about 9pm and I woke up and walked to the kitchen to get a drink and walked back to Luke's room I then realised Luke and the others were sat in the living room watching TV and they just saw me in Luke's top and I then looked in the mirror and you could see my arse and my underwear "fuck fuck fuck" I said as I realised what just happend Luke then walked in the room "okay my mates and I just saw your arse by the way it's a very nice arse but my mates I really don't want my mates-" I cut Luke off "I'm sorry but this is how I dress when I'm relaxing or in the house just because I'm here I'm not changing that" I said as Luke hugged me smiling "you don't have to you can dress how you want you'll just have trouble explaining that to ash cal and Michael" Luke said as he kissed me and put his hands on my hips "okay I'll tell them in the morning" I said

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