Same place


5. Luke's POV

Luke's POV

I woke up after having a long night with the band practicing and then performing I was so tired but I guess I'm use to being tired I checked my phone to see if I had any text from Beth but I couldn't find it

I turned around and cal was on it "dude get off my phone" I said as cal jumped he thought I was asleep "okay sorry I was just looking at the photos from last night our performance" cal says as then I hear my phone bleep "cal give it now" I shout waking Michael and ash

"You have a text off an unknown number oohhhh who is it" cal teased

"Just give me my phone" I got up and grabbed it off him "it's off no one just a girl I met" I say as I throw a pillow at cal "aww Luke has a crush" Michael laughs grate that's all I need Michael teasing me about her now fuck I thought to myself as I just lay back down looking at the text from Beth the text said hey Luke my mums gone out shopping and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out x I just text back saying of course I will be there soon x I then get up to get ready

"Where are you going" ash says as he looks at me confused "just out to get a coffee do any of you want anything" fuck why did I say that now they'll have me bring them drinks "Urm just get us coffee" cal says as I walkk out

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