Same place


14. leaving

It was the next day I was all packed ready to go mum had a nice talk with me last night I told her ill skype her every night and call her every morning there was a knock at the door "Beth are you ready" Luke shouted as I answers the door "yes I'm all ready" I said as Luke just looked me up and down "ahh you can't wear them you have to wear these" Luke said as he handed me some cloths "Urm why" I said looking at these plain black cloths "yeah I'm sorry but you have to look like your one of the crew the manager said because you might not want the all this and you might not know what your getting yourself into don't worry I'll be with you on the plane and stuff but I can't be with you near the fans" Luke said as he then waited for me to change

"Done I'm ready" I said wearing a black hoodie that said crew on the back and black skinny jeans I didn't mind them "here" Luke said as he put a cap on my head it was black a SnapBack and it was cool then some black shades like you see police wear "well your all done let's go" Luke said as he held my hand "no wait mum" I said as I let go of Luke's hand and hugged my mum "bye mum I'll miss you" I said as mum hugged me back "I'll miss you too she said as she looked at Luke "rerember what I said" mum said to Luke "yes I will look after her" Luke said as he grabbed hand and we left

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