Same place


3. kiss

"Oh yeah sorry my names Beth I forgot to say" I said laughing

Luke got some crisp and sat next to me "well hi Beth I'm Luke" he said smiling I just smiled back at him "so what are you doing here then" Luke said as he began eating the crisps

"Oh I'm visiting my nan with my mum and her flat is too small so we always stay in hotels when we come to visit her" I said as I tried getting some crisp as Luke kept moving the packet further away from me and laughing "Luke give me the crisp" I said pushing him off the bed "hey there was no need for that your not having any crisp now" Luke said as he just smirked

"Fine then you can stay sat on the floor" I looked at him and laughed he then jumped in the bed as I tried pushing him back off "no you have to stay on the floor" I laughed as he was holding my hands as I was leaning off the bed he then pulled me back up towards him and hugged me "does this mean I get crisp" I said smirking

"No but you can have a kiss" Luke said as he kept hugging me "a kiss why a kiss" I said laughing "I dunno because I like you" Luke said laughing to "you like me" I said I stopped laughing and just looked at him

"Yeah how could I not your beautiful and really funny" Luke said as he just looked at me I then kissed him then backed away from the kiss "sorry but I like you too" I said as he just smiled and held my hips and kissed me back he then stopped and grabbed my hand "please be my girlfriend" Luke said as I just sat there in shock "Urm yeah okay why not" I said hugging him tightly Luke's phone then rang he answered it "yeah Urm I'm busy....but...fine" he hung up and stood up "what's wrong" I said standing up "nothing ash wants me I've got too go but here's my number I'll come see your when I'm not busy now lye down" Luke then tucked me in bed kissing my forehead and leaving

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