Same place


1. hotel

I was staying at this hotel in London with my mum it was quite fancy but full of posh people who didn't really care about anyone but the selfs we were staying there because we were visiting my nan who's flat was to small for us both to stay in so we had to stay in this place I didn't really like hotels I always worried someone was watching like the staff or Somthing I just didn't feel as comftabel as I do at home

My mum went to visit nan but I just wanted a lazy day so I stayed in the hotel so I had a shower and got dressed even though I was just staying in our room I wore my black shorts and my all time low shirt and sat on the bed watching TV "there's never anything on" I sighed as I lay back looking to the light

I then got some money mum gave me to spend and thought I'd go to the hotel cafe I got a drink and some cake and headed to my room when I ran into someone dropping my cake and my drink "shit" I said as I looked at the mess on the floor "sorry here let me" a voice said as I looked up it was a tall blond guy in black skinny jeans I never really see any guys in skinny jeans but he looked cool

"I'm so sorry I didn't see you there" he said as he helped me pick everything up "it's okay it was my fault as much as yours" I said laughing the guy stood up he was so tall I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be so tall

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