Same place


2. dark

He just laughed at me he must of known what I was thinking "Luke!" Another voice shouted as the guy who must be called Luke looked back "hand on" Luke shouted back then looked at me as I just thought why is he stairing at me

"Look Maby see you later" Luke said as he walked the other way

I just wondered does that mean he wants to see me later or just being polite I dunno I walked to my room I then just sat down checking my phone and texting my friends a few hours passed I then noticed it was getting dark so I wanted to talk to someone actually there I hate being alone in the dark so I went looking for Luke

I just wondered round the hotel when I got to the third floor I saw him but he was with some other guys so I turned around walking away I barley knew him and I did t even know if he would want to see me he didn't even know my name so as I got to the lift waiting for it to open I herd a voice "hey" I turned Round it was Luke "hey" I said as I looked up at how tall he is "why did you walk off" he said as I went bright red I didn't think he saw me fuck "because I don't know you but I wanted to see you and you were with a bunch of guys" I said as I looked to my feet

"Yeah there my mates but you wanted to see me" he said with a smile on his face "Urm yeah but it dosnt matter it's stupid" I said I was to a afraid to tell him I was on my own and scared of the dark I didn't want him I laugh he then grabbed my wrist as I got into the lift "please tell me" he said as he got in the lift with me

I just looked at him wondering if I should "I'm scared of the dark and i was staying withy mum but she's not here" I said as I them looked down to my feet "it that it why was that so hard to tell me" he said as he hugged me "because I thought you'd laugh at me being scared of the dark" I just look up at him as he hugged me the lift doors then opened I got out and he followed me I just looked back "what are you doing" I said as I stopped walking "well you said your on your own and scared of the dark you don't think I'm just going to leave you" he said as I stared walking again

Wow he's so nice and he is actually looking after me I thought to myself we got to my room and I went to turn on the TV "anyway you haven't told me your name" Luke said as he walked go the kitchen looking for food

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