Same place


17. cal panic

It was the next morning I got up and went to the kitchen to make breakfast as cal then walked in and saw "oh sorry Beth I didn't realise" he then looked away trying not to look at me I didn't see the big deal I was only in my underwear and Luke's top it's not like I was fully naked

"Cal this is how I dress when I'm relaxing and not going out it's fine and I don't care Luke's fine with it" I said as cal then looked at me "he's fine with it because your his girlfriend and he can see you like that don't you tonk it's weird dressing like that infrount of us" cal said as he drank his drink "no I don't think it's a big deal" I said as I just stood there as cal then walked to Luke's room "dude why is your girlfriend have to dress like that" cal said to Luke "hey calm down leave her alone she can dress how she wants aslong as you don't look at her I'm done with it" Luke said

"But dude that's all I can do I'm sorry but I won't so anything but what about the other guys they'll look at her" cal said panicking "it's okay don't panic don't touch her though or then you can panic" Luke said as he got out of bed and smiled leaving cal to freak out

Cal just walked out the room looking at ashton and then sitting next to him "dude does this not bother you" cal whisperd to ash "no why would it" ash said as he looked at cal "don't tell me you like Beth" ash said "no I don't but she's half naked in the same room and she's our friends girlfriend" cal said

"It's fine dude just calm down and don't think about her she has her own right to dress like that it's not like she's out in public dressed like that I just can't wait to see michaels reaction" ash said as he smirked at cal "oh no you don't think" cal was cut off by ash "yep Luke's gunna kill him" ash laughed

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