Same place


6. Beth's POV

Beth's POV

I text Luke telling him I finally got mum to go out shopping so I was on my own then he text me back so I went to get ready

I wore some ripped skinny jeans and a white vest top I then just put the TV on and waited I feel asleep a hour passed

There was then aloud knock at the door that woke me up I got up and looked it was Luke "hey sorry I'm late I had to get coffee for all the guys" he said as he then walked in "it's fine so why do you want to do" I said as he just looked at me "nothing I dunno we can go out or I dunno" I said as I laughed "okay let's go out" Luke said smiling as we headed out

As I opened the door there was the same 3 guys I saw Luke with the other night they just looked at me and smiled "hey is Luke here the one with a eye brow piercing asked I just looked at him "Urm yeah" I said Luke then pulled me behind him "seriously guys why did you follow me" Luke said as I was peeping round him

"Dude why didn't you tell us cal said you was texting a girl" one of the guys said he had a bandana on I thought it was cool but they just walked in then "Urm what's going on" I said as they all barged past Luke "nothing Luke didn't tell us about you" the guy with the black hair laughed "Urm no guys sorry my mum dosnt like guys in my room" I said as they just looked at Luke

"Then what's he doing here" the one with the eye brow piercing said "Urm how about I go to the manger and say there are 3 strangers in my room" I scream at them "we are not strangers" the one with the bandanna said "well I don't know your names so yeah strangers" I headed out Luke then grabbed my arm "look I know they seem like dicks but there not" he said as he hugged me back into my room

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