Same place


11. 5SOS

After the huge cake fight we all sat down we music blasting and some drinks but we still all had cake on us

Luke then licked my face as I just looked at him "what are you doing" I said as I laughed "you have cake on you" he said as he kicked calum of the bed and Michael and ash stared laughing

It was clear that every one was getting drunk you could tell by their eyes and the way they started talking "hey so tell us a little bit about you Beth" cal said as he got back up off the floor I just then hid behind Luke "I don't really know what to say well I'm not from London I just stay here for a few days while my mum visits my nan and this has been the best trip ever I met Luke and you guys" I said hugging Luke as Luke then looked a little sad "what's wrong is it Somthing I said" I said as I tryed cheering Luke up by licking cake off his face

"Guys we have to tell her" ash said as the other guys nodded this actually scared me they looked so serious they then looked at me

"We are not from here we are from Australia and traveling" ash said "we are a band called 5 seconds of summer and we are touring so we won't be here again till next year" Michael said

5 seconds of summer hhhmmm I swear I've heard of them I said to myself "so your braking up with me" I bregan to cry "no no don't be stupid I'm not" Luke said as he hugged me "guys do you think-" Luke was cut off "yeah Maby but we have to check with our manager" ash said I had no idea what was going on "I'll go talk to him now Luke and ash went out the room as cal and Michael just looked at me me and awkwardly smiled since I had no idea what was going on

"So were are you from then" cal said "I'm from Manchester it's an okay place I like it" I said as Michael just said "grate" out loud "what what's wrong cal said "ash and Luke are covered in cake" Michael said as he looked at cal "yeah but the managers seen the stupid things we do he will just laugh" cal said we all then payed A drinking game called i have never

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