Everything About Him |Ashton Irwin|

Ashley never thought that one person could change her whole life. She never thought she would find someone who actually loved her. But most of all, she never though that she would actually be in love with him.


3. Chapter Two

Ashley's POV

"Ash, someone is here for you!" My dad yelled. I ran down the stairs, to the living room. My dad went into the kitchen, and standing there, in my house was Ashton. "Ashton? What are you doing here?" I asked. "I can't come see my new friend?" He asked with a smile. That smile! "Dad we'll be upstairs." I said, as I took Ashton by the hand.

"Ashley!" My sister yelled stomping in my room. "Oh my god! You're Ashton Irwin! You're in my sisters room!" Rachel yelled. He ran in, and sat on his lap. "Rachel. Get out." I said. "No!" She yelled. "Do you maybe want to-" "did you know Ashley sleep walks and talks." Rachel cut me off. "Rachel!" I yelled. "And she also eats a lot, and drools when she sees someone she likes." She said. I got up, and pulled Rachel off of Ashton, and threw her out. "Goodbye!" I yelled locking the door.

"Sorry about her, she is a pain." I said. "It's fine." He replied. "So you drool when you see someone you like." He said laughing. I rolled my eyes. "I think it's cute." He said. I smiled.

"You ready?" Ashton asked me. I nodded. "Just don't let go of my hand, and don't listen to what they say." He said. I nodded. There were so many screaming girls, and paparazzi. Luckily, we had a big guy with us, so we wouldn't get tackled. Or I wouldn't get tackled. "Ashton! Ashton I love you!" A girl yelled. "You okay?" He asked me. "Yea." I replied. A girl actually touched my arm, and I got pulled back a little. "Miss, please don't touch her." The big man said. "Ashton! Please Ashton! Just one picture!" A girl said. I tapped him on the shoulder. "That girl, over there, she wants a picture." I said. Ashton smiled, and went over to the girl. "Hey darlin." He said to her. He hugged her, and they took a picture together. He took my hand again, and we started walking again.

"Did you know we are going to be in your school again?" Ashton asked as we entered his hotel. "You are? When?" I asked. "Tomorrow, for music I think." He replied. I smiled. "Maybe you can teach me how to play an instrument." I said. He smiled.

Ashton's POV

"Wait here. Im gonna go see if the guys are here." I said to Ashley. She nodded. "Luke? Calum? Michael?" I asked walking around the hall. "Ashton has a girlfriend!" Luke yelled. "No I don't!" I yelled back. "You brought Ashley here. You have a girlfriend." Luke said. "We are only friends." I replied. "With benefits." Michael joined in. I rolled my eyes.

"Is this your sister?" Ashley asked pointing to picture. I nodded. "Shes pretty." She said. "Yea, pretty annoying." I replied. She laughed. "Shes fourteen, annoying age." I said. "I remember when I was fourteen. Got in trouble every day at school." Ashley said laughing. "So, is this our date?" She asked. I nodded. "Watching movies, and eating pizza." I said. She laughed. "My dream date." She said laughing.

"I smell pizza!" Michael yelled running into the kitchen. "Mikey! That is our pizza!" I yelled. "Oh well!" He said taking four pieces. "Get him!" Ashley yelled. I laughed, as she ran around the hall. "Give me my pizza!" Michael yelled. "Nope! It's mine now!" She yelled. "You actually got his pizza." I said shocked. "He ran out of breath easily." She said taking a bite of pizza. I just laughed.

"You have sauce on your face." I said laughing. "Where?" She asked. "Here, I'll get it." I said, as I slid my thumb across her face. She looked into my eyes. My eyes went back and fourth from her eyes, to her lips. She crashed her lips onto mine, and I did the same. We broke the kiss, and she cuddled into my chest. "Ashton, what happens when you have to go?" She asked.

"Should we leave her here?" Luke asked. "Yea, I'll drive her to school in the morning." I replied. Luke nodded. "Can you get me a blanket?" I asked Luke. He nodded and handed me a blanket. I put the blanket on Ashley, and I laid next to her. "Goodnight." I said kissing her head.

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