Everything About Him |Ashton Irwin|

Ashley never thought that one person could change her whole life. She never thought she would find someone who actually loved her. But most of all, she never though that she would actually be in love with him.


25. Chapter Twenty two

Ashley's POV

It's been a week since Ashton left. It hasn't been so bad. Lauren wanted to stay with me, which is a good idea, because she stepped up when Ashton left. Having two kids in the house isn't so bad, well, two teenagers, and a four year old.

I woke up to the smell of smoke. I opened my door, and saw the kitchen was on fire. I ran into Jaclyn's room, and picked her up. "Lauren!" I yelled. "Lauren!" I yelled again. "What!" She yelled. "Get up! Hurry! There's a fire!" I yelled. She opened her door, and we ran down the hallway. The fire spread to half of the house. And the smell of the smoke was getting to me. "Now what are we gonna do!" She yelled. "Here! The back door!" I yelled. We ran to the back door, and got out. "Mommy!" Jaclyn yelled. "My dolly! Daddy's things!" She yelled.

I ran to the house. "Ashley!" Lauren yelled. "Stay there!" I yelled. I was really scared. But I can't have Jaclyn crying.

I ran inside, and looked around. Jaclyn's room was just barely on fire. I ran into her room, and grabbed her doll. I then, ran to my room, and grabbed some of Ashton's pictures. I ran back into the hallway, which was almost all on fire. "Stay close to the wall." I said to myself. I clutched the wall, as I walked slowly.

"Mommy!" Jaclyn yelled. I was breathing heavy, and coughing. "Ashley, help is coming." Lauren said. I nodded, and sat on the ground.

About five minutes later, the whole house was on fire. I couldn't stop crying. "I told him. I told him." I said. "Ashley. It's alright." Lauren said. I nodded. I can't be crying in front of them.

I called Ashton, which went right to voicemail. I called the number he gave me incase of an emergency. "Girls, go out in the front, Lauren call 9-11, and stay back." I said. She nodded.

Ashton's POV

"Thank you for coming tonight! This song is called Good Girls!" I yelled into the microphone. The crowd went crazy. I looked over back stage, and saw one of the crew holding a phone, and telling me to come. I stopped playing. "Guys! I am so sorry! I just got told I have a phone call! I will be right back!" I yelled.

I ran off stage, and took the phone. "There is some girl on the phone. Said it is an emergency." One of the crew members said. The only person who knows the number is Ashley, Lauren, Harry, and my mum. "Hello?" I asked. It was Ashley. "Ashton...Ashton...." She said. She was hyperventilating. "Baby. Baby. Calm down. Calm down. What's wrong." I said. "Fire... House... Outside..." She said. "There's a fire in the house?" I asked. "Yes!" She yelled. "House... Gone... All... Fire." She said. "Alright. Ashley I want you to listen to me." I said. "I-I. I can't. I can't. Ashton. I can't I-I can't breathe." She said. I put my hand on my head, and walked in a circle. "Yes you can. Baby I know you can." I said. "I love you baby. I love you so much. More than anything in the world. I will never leave you. I love you." I said. Her breathing slowed down. "Okay, now listen to me. Tell Lauren to call my mum. She will book a flight out to Australia. You can stay with my mum until I get back." I said. "Alright. Baby. Come home. Please." She said. "I can't baby. I can't. I will come home as quick as possible when we finish." I said. "I love you so much baby." I said. "I love you too." She replied. "alright. I have to go." I said. "Okay. I love you." She said. "I love you too." I said, and hung up.

I put my face in my hands, and shook my head. "Hey, are you alright?" The guys asked. "Ashley doesn't have a place to live." I said. "What happened?" Calum asked. "The house caught on fire." I said. "What! Is she alright! Is Jackie okay! Is Lauren okay!" Mikey yelled. "They're all fine. They are going to Australia. They're staying with my mum." I said.

Ashley's POV

"Ms. Green. Please let us make sure you are alright." The medical person said. "W-where's my daughter. Where is she. Where's Lauren! Where's Jackie!" I yelled. "Ma'm they are fine. They are safe." She said. "Please. Calm down." She said. I calmed down more, knowing they are safe.

"Blood pressure high. Trouble breathing. Some burn marks." She said. "Take her." A man said. "T-take me where?! Where are you taking me!" I yelled. "Ashley, Ashley. Calm down. You have the safest team. Just calm down okay." She said. I nodded. She put a mask on my face to help me breathe.

"Is there anyone we can call?" She asked. "M-my boyfriend. H-his number is in my phone." I said. She nodded, and looked at my contacts. "C-call Annelyy." I said. She nodded.

Ashton's POV

My phone started buzzing, and I looked at the caller ID. "Annelyy. What's wrong?" I asked. "Ashton. The hospital just called me. Ashley just got put into a room. I-I'm on my way now with Lauren and Jackie." She said. "What! I-I'm coming home!" I yelled. "Please. Ashton please. I-I can't calm her down." She said. "Im only three hours away. I'll take a car, or a bus. Something to get there." I said, and I hung up.

"Ash! Where are you going!" Luke yelled. "California! Ashely's in the hospital!" I yelled. "Wait! We are coming with you!" He yelled, as the guys followed.

Ashley's POV

"Ashley. Can you hear me?" A nurse asked. I nodded. "Great. That's great. Do you remember what happened?" She asked. I took the mask off my face, and realized I was in a hospital bed. I shook my head. "W-where am I! Why am I here!" I yelled. "Where's Jaclyn! Where is my baby!" I yelled. "Ashley. Ashley. Calm down. Jaclyn is fine. Shes safe." She said. I nodded. "Can you tell me what happened." She said again. "T-there was a fire. I woke up to the smell of smoke. I-I walked into the kitchen, and s-saw fire." I said. She nodded. "Good. That's good. Alright. I want you to rest. You have quite a bit of burns, and a lot of smoke in your lungs." She said.

Ashton's POV

"Lauren!" I yelled as I ran into the hospital. "Oh thank god your okay." I said holding her tight. "I'm fine. I'm alright." She said. "Look at me." I said. She looked at me. "Okay. Nothing burned." I said. "Anne, where's Ashley?" I asked. "H-her room." She said. I nodded. "Laur, go with Mikey." I said.

I walked into the room, and saw Ashley laying on the bed. She had a mask on her face, and a monitor hooked up to her. I sat down besides her.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled. "W-what are you doing here?" She asked. "I came back. I can't just leave you here." I said. She smiled, and started coughing. "Sorry. The nurse said I have smoke in my lungs." She said.

"Babe, the nurse said something about you running back inside the house. Why would you do that?" I asked. "I couldn't leave your pictures, and your memories behind. Jaclyn wanted her doll, that Calum gave her. I couldn't leave it there." She replied. "Baby, I would have made new memories. Pictures are pictures." I said. "But you would've been so upset if you lost your memories." She said. I shook my head. "I would've been upset if I lost you in that fire." I said. A tear fell down her face.

"Ash." Annelyy said. "Your dad's here to see you." She said. I tensed up. "Anne." I said. "Let him in." She said. Annelyy nodded, and her dad came into the room.

"Ashley." He said kneeling down next to the bed. "Are you alright?" He asked. She nodded. "Ashton." She said. I looked at her. "Ashton." She said again. I smiled. "I know baby." I said, holding her hand. "Ashton. I would like to speak to you." Her dad said.

"Mr. Green, I understand if you want me to leave Ashley alone. I should've been there when this all happened. I am so stupid." I said. "Ashton. I wanted to say thank you." He said. I looked at him weird. "You made my little girl so happy." He said. "Your not like the other guys in a band. I like you Ashton. It took me a while, but I never seen my baby girl so happy before. Whether shes in the hospital or not." He said. I smiled. "Annelyy has told me how much you take care of her, sand Jaclyn." He said. I nodded. "I respect that. And I respect you." He said. I smiled. "Keep it up son. I would like to see more of you." He said, and shook my hand, and left.

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