Everything About Him |Ashton Irwin|

Ashley never thought that one person could change her whole life. She never thought she would find someone who actually loved her. But most of all, she never though that she would actually be in love with him.


34. Chapter Twenty Nine

Ashley's POV

"Ash, I have to watch Rachel today." I said. "Babe." He whined. "I know, but I have to." I said. "Hey, my sister is in town. Shes staying with the guys, maybe Rachel can come here, and we can get Lauren and her together." He said. "If you want Lauren to be a bitch." I said. He laughed.

"What do you wanna eat baby?" I asked Jackie, as Ashton put her in her booster seat. "Pancakes!" She yelled. "But we had them yesterday." I said. "I want pancakes." She said. "How about we go pick up Rachel and Lauren, and go out to breakfast." I said. She smiled.


When we were out at breakfast, a few girls came over to our table. "Hi." They said. Ashton smiled. "Sorry to bother you, but we were wondering, if we could maybe get a picture?" One asked. Ashton looked at me, and I nodded.

He got up, and smiled next to the girl. "Don't eat that off the... Floor." I said to Jackie, who ate a piece of her pancake off the floor. "Jaclyn. No." I said, trying to take the knife out of her hand. "Look, I'm mommy." She said, as she moved the knife to her arm. "Jaclyn Rose!" I yelled. Ashton looked at me. "Let's go." I said, picking Jackie up out of her booster seat.

"Don't ever pick up a knife. You understand." I yelled. "Yes mommy." She said. "I don't want you hurting yourself." I said. "I'm sorry mommy." She said. "You better be. Now, let's go." I said.

Ashton's POV

"What happened?" I asked as I sat down. "Jackie said shes like Ashley, and put the knife to her arm." Lauren said. I shook my head.

"Sorry. We needed to handle some things." Ashley said, sitting down. "Give me the knives." She said. "But-" "now." She said. Jackie handed her knife to Ashley. "Rachel, give me your knife." She said. "You're not my mother." Rachel said. "I'm the closet thing you have to one, so give me it." She said. "No." Rachel said. "Rachel." I said. She sighed, but have up her knife.


Ashley's POV

"Lauren, can you take Jackie to your room please?" I asked. "Sure." Lauren replied, taking Jackie's hand.

"What happened today?" Ashton asked. "Jackie. She tried to be me. I guess she caught me cutting, and... Tried to imitate me." I replied. He sighed. "I'm turning my daughter into me." I said. "No. No you're not." He said. "You're right. If you weren't here, I wouldn't be able to take care of Jackie. I'm an awful mother." I said, shedding a tear. "Ashley. Listen to me. You're an amazing mother. You're doing great. Don't let that one thing ruin this." He said.

"Um. Ashley. You need to see this." Lauren said. I walked into her room, seeing Jackie drawing something. It was a picture of a girl with red things on her arms, and a boy behind her, holding her. I think? "Honey, what's that?" I asked. "This is you," she said pointing to the girl. "This is daddy, holding you." She said. I looked at Ashton. "We need help." I said. Ashton nodded. "Call them." I said. Ashton nodded.

"Call who?" Lauren asked. "Make sure they can get here today." I said. "Who are you calling?" Lauren asked. "Lauren, I need a favor." I said. "Can you clean the house? I need it to be spotless." I said. She nodded.

"Okay. Anne is on her way. Carolyn is coming, Livvy, Cal, and Mikey are all on their way." Ashton said. I nodded. "Hand me my bracelets." I said. He walked into the bathroom, and came out with bracelets in his hands. "Thanks." I said.

"Anne!" I yelled, as she entered the house. "Where's the drawing?" She asked. I showed her it. "Mommy. Why can't I draw?" Jackie asked. "Because I said so." I replied. "Mommy!" She screamed. "Jaclyn Rose! I said no! And no is no!" I yelled.

"Wow. What is that?" Michael asked. "Me." I said. "Wow." He said again. I nodded. "Jackie drew this." I said. "Cal!" He yelled.

"Ash, I know shes young, but you need to tell her." Calum said. "Cal, shes four. What am I supposed to say, daddy was right, you should have been with him?" I asked. "Just tell her. She already knows what's going on." He said. I sighed.

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