Everything About Him |Ashton Irwin|

Ashley never thought that one person could change her whole life. She never thought she would find someone who actually loved her. But most of all, she never though that she would actually be in love with him.


29. Chapter Twenty Five

Ashley's POV

I woke up with Ashton next to me. "Good morning baby." He said. I smiled. "How ya doing? Better than last night?" He asked. I shook my head. "I'm just... Trying to decide whether to-" "don't say it. I know what you're gonna say." He said. "I won't say it. I promise. But, I do have a promise, that I might have broke again." I said. "You started again." He said. I nodded.

"Thanks for understanding last night guys." I said. "Of course. We say how upset you were." Luke said. I smiled.

"Mrs. Irwin, you never seem to cook anything bad! You need to teach me how to cook." I said. "I will. One day. But I understand, that you have to go to court tomorrow, and I know you and Ashton are going to California." She said. "Yes. My ex boyfriend, endangered not only me, but Jaclyn as well. He was the one who started the fire." I said.


"You'll do fine babe. Just don't show how scared you are." Ashton said. I smiled. "Just remember, I'll be right behind you the entire time." He said. "Thank you." I said.

"Ms. Green. Mr. Johnson." The judge said. "Ms. Green, how old is your daughter?" He asked. "She is four." I replied. "Which makes you... Fifteen." He said. "Yes. Well, just turned sixteen." I said.

"Alright, ms. Green, who was in your house when the fire started?" Tyler's attorney asked, when I sat at the witness stand. "Myself, my daughter, and my boyfriends sister." I said. "Your boyfriend?" He asked. "Yes." I said.

"Do you remember anything about the night of the fire?" He asked. "Yes, I woke up to the smell of smoke, and I walked out to the kitchen, and it was on fire. I ran into my daughters room, and grabbed her, and then I went into my boyfriends sisters room, and we ran out of the house." I said.

My attorney came up, and asked me questions. "Ms. Green, I understand that you and mr. Johnson got into a fight the night before the fire, is that correct." She said. "Yes." I replied. "And what exactly did he say to you that night." She said. "He told me that he wondered what would happen if there was a sudden fire, and I couldn't get out, and I lost everything, what would I do." I replied. "Ms. Green, is it alright if we bring your daughter up with you?" She asked. "Not at all." I replied.

I got up, and walked over to Ashton. "Daddy." She said. "Shh. Baby. It's alright." Ashton said. I smiled, and walked back to the stand.

"What's your daughters full name." My attorney asked. "Jaclyn Rose Johnson-Green." I said. "Did Mr. Johnson ever know about you being pregnant with your child?" She asked. "Yes. He was the first one to know." I replied. "Alright, sweetie, who is more of a daddy to you, mommys boyfriend, or your daddy?" She asked. "Ashton." Jaclyn replied. "My boyfriend." I said. "That's all." She said.

"Ms. Green, did you or did you not tell Mr. Johnson that he would never see his child again." Tyler's attorney said. "I did say that." I replied. "Why?" He asked. "Tyler is an dangerous person, he not only threatened me, but my family." I said. "I would think you're more of the dangerous person." He said. "Objection your honor!" My attorney yelled. "Continue." The judge said.

"I understand you have a history of self harm." He said. "Objection! This doesn't relate to anything." My attorney yelled. "Over ruled. Continue." The judge said. "Do you have any... Problems now?" He asked. "Not any more. I stopped, after I promised my boyfriend I wouldn't touch a blade again." I said. "and how long ago was that?" He asked. "About six months ago." I replied.

"Mr. Johnson, how long did you and ms. Green date? My attorney asked. "Seven months." He replied. "So, you left her, with two months more to go, in her pregnancy?" She asked. Tyler nodded.

"Mr. Johnson, have you ever been to any school functions with Ms. Green, and your daughter?" My attorney asked. "No." Tyler replied. "Have you ever became a threat to her and her family?" She asked. "No." Tyler replied. "Did you have all intentions on getting Ms. Green pregnant?" She asked. "Objection!" His attorney yelled. "Answer the question." The judge said. "Yes." He replied. I took a deep breath. "That's all." She said.

"Your honor, obviously, my client here, is the proper person to raise a child. They are both in a safe environment, the child has a father, who cares for her." My attorney said. The judge nodded.

"I hear by claim, Ashley Ann-Marie green, full custody of Jaclyn Rose Johnson-Green." The judge said. "Come here baby." I said, taking Jaclyn. "I also hear by sentencing Tyler Vincent Johnson, five years in prison, for endangerment to children." The judge said. I smiled.


"We did it baby. We did it." I said. "We won." I said. Ashton smiled. "We are a full family." I said. "Until I go back to school." I said. He nodded. "But, right now, your nineteen, and young. We can live life." Ashton said. I smiled.

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