Everything About Him |Ashton Irwin|

Ashley never thought that one person could change her whole life. She never thought she would find someone who actually loved her. But most of all, she never though that she would actually be in love with him.


36. Chapter Thirty One

Ashton's POV

It was eleven at night, and my phone started ringing. It was Lauren. "Hey, I'll be back tomorrow." I said. "Ashton." She said. She sounded scared. "Lauren. Lauren. What's wrong." I said. "Ashley. Shes... Shes... Shes on the bathroom floor. So much blood. Everywhere." She said, trying to catch her breath. "Okay. Okay. I'll be there. Did you call someone?" I asked. "Yeah. Yeah. Um. Uh. Um. An ambulance is coming." She said. "I'll meet you at the hospital." I said, hanging up.

I drove as fast as I could to the hospital. All I could think about was Ashley. How she did this because of me. Because of our fight.

Ashley's POV

I woke up in a bright room. "Ashley. Ashley. Can you hear me?" Someone asked. "Blink twice for yes, and once for no." She said. I blinked twice. "Okay. Good. Lauren, and your daughter are here with Annelyy. Do you want to see them?" She asked. I blinked once. "Okay." She said.

Lauren's POV

"Laur." Someone said. It was Luke. I ran to him, and hugged him. "What happened?" He asked. "Um. Uh. Um. Blood. And. and. And. Blades. And. And. Screaming. And. Um-" "ssh. It's okay." He said, hugging me.

"Lauren." Ashton said running into the waiting room. I ran to him, and cried. "It's okay. It's okay." He said, rubbing my back. "So much blood." I said. "I know. I know. It's okay." He said.

Ashton's POV

"Ashton." The nurse said. "Marie. How is she?" I asked. Marie is the nurse that helped us the last few times we were here. "She lost a lot of blood. Her blood pressure is low. Her heart was beating fast when she woke up." She said. "Do you know why she started?" She asked. "We got into a fight. And she kicked me out." I said. She nodded. "Shes asleep now, you can see her. But, she made it clear that Lauren and Jaclyn, can't. Not yet." She said.

I walked into Ashley's room, and saw her lying there. I sat next to her, and took her hand in mine. I realized she wasn't wearing her necklace, or her ring. "I'm sorry baby. Im sorry. I know I screwed up. I know I did. I'm sorry baby. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me." I said.

A hand squeezed mine, and I looked up. "Hey. Hey baby." I said, leaning over her. She looked at me. "A-Ashton." She said. "I'm here baby. I'm here." I said. She smiled, and Marie came in. "hey, look who's awake." She said. "Ashton." Ashley said. I looked at her. "I forgive you." She said. I smiled.

KAshley's POV

"Do you want Lauren and Jackie in now?" Marie asked. "Send them all in." I replied. She nodded, and walked out. "If I didn't make a big deal this wouldn't have happened." Ashton said. "No. It was gonna happen." I said.

"Oh thank god!" Lauren said, running into the room. "Mommy." Jackie said, trying to squirm out of Luke's arms. "Come here." I said to Lauren and Jackie, who both came up on the bed. "My two beautiful girls." I said. Lauren smiled, and leaned back. "You're the sister I never had." She said. "I love you so much." I said. "We love you too." Lauren said. I kissed their heads, and we laid back.

I know this is a short chapter. But kinda a lot of things happened in the last chapter, and this one.

So, I was thinking, maybe I should make a sequel. Like have other problems, and Jackie little bit older, and them still dating. Let me know if you would like that. 💕

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