Everything About Him |Ashton Irwin|

Ashley never thought that one person could change her whole life. She never thought she would find someone who actually loved her. But most of all, she never though that she would actually be in love with him.


9. Chapter Seven

Ashley's POV

"Jaclyn Rose! Let's go! I will bring you back to see Ashton again." I said. She sighed. "Say goodbye to him." I said. She turned around, and Ashton picked her up. "Bye." She said. Ashton kissed her forehead, and put her down.

"Ms. Green, would you like us to go with you? There are many fans outside." The tall man said. "Please." I said. "What's your name?" I asked the tall man in the elevator. "Paul." He replied. "Ashley." I said. "Well, Ashley, I will protect you from those girls out there." He said pointing to the door. "Thank you." I replied. I walked out first, and he walked besides me. "We don't want her! We want Ashton!" A few girls yelled. There was a girl that pulled my arm, which made me jolt back. "Miss, please don't touch ms. Green." Paul said. "Where's the car?" I asked. Paul pointed ahead, to a big black SUV.

"Stay in the car." I said to Paul, as we pulled down my street. "Mommy! I don't wanna go back!" Jackie yelled. "You have to." I said.

Paul pulled up to my house, and I got out of the car, with Jackie in my arms. I knocked on the door, and my dad answered. "We don't want you here." He said. "And I don't want to be here. I am bringing Jackie home." I replied, giving her to him. "Bye baby." I said kissing her head. Jackie was crying, when I walked away.

"Ashley, are you alright?" Paul asked. I nodded. "Ashton called me when you were outside, he and the boys have a show tonight. Ashton thought it would be great if you and your friend went." Paul said. "Okay, what time will it be over?" I asked. "Late." He replied. I laughed.


"Annelyy!" I yelled running to her. "Ash, you like just saw me." She replied laughing. "You girls ready?" Ashton asked. "Yea." I replied. "Thanks for taking me with you." Annelyy said. "Anything for Ashley. Well she didnt know either." He replied. I laughed.

"We will be on stage for a while, so make yourselves at home." Ashton said. I smiled. He kissed me head, and ran to the stage. "Wanna go stand by the stage?" I asked. Annelyy nodded. We walked by the stage.

Luke looked back stage, and saw us there, and smiled. "Anne, did he just-" "I think he did." She replied. "OMG! Anne! Do you have a crush!" I yelled. "Shhh." She said. I laughed.

Ashton's POV

I saw Ashley in the corner of my eye. I looked back, and she was gone. The entire song I was wondering where she could have gone. "Alright! We are taking just a little break! We will be back!" Calum said into the microphone, and I was the first one off stage. "Annelyy, where's Ashley?" I asked. "Dressing room." She replied.

I walked into the dressing room, seeing Ashley holding Jackie. "Ashton!" Jackie yelled. I smiled, as she jumped into my arms. "Who brought you here?" I asked. "Daddy." She replied. I looked at Ashley, who looked worried. "Where's Calum?" Jackie asked, as she played with a cross necklace I had on. "Cal!" I yelled. Calum came running into the room. "Calum!" Jackie yelled, running to Calum. "Do you wanna go see people?" He asked. She nodded.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Her father wants to be apart of her life, and I told him no." She replied. "And?" I questioned. "He thought I said no, because of you." She replied. "No. Of course not." I said. "And I told him that you cal, Michael and Luke are practically all her fathers. And I guess he took that the wrong way." She replied. I shook my head. "On in five!" The person yelled. "We will talk more after the show." I said, she nodded, and cal came back into the room, and Jackie ran to Ashley.

Ashley's POV

"Come on." I said to Anne. "Where are we going?" She asked. "By the stage, I wanna see them again." I replied. "You know, when you first met them, you didn't even know them, nor want to see them, you didn't even care, and now you want to watch them every second." She said laughing. I laughed, and started walking.

When we got to the stage, Jackie gasped. "Woah!" She yelled. I smiled. I put her down, and held her hand. "Luke likes you." I said to Anne. "No he doesn't." She replied. "Yes he does. Whenever I go over, well now everyday, he always talks about you." I replied. She smiled.

"Jaclyn Rose! No!" I yelled, trying to get her, but she ran on stage. Everyone gasped, and the guys stopped playing. "We have our youngest fan on stage!" Calum said.

Ashton's POV

When Jackie ran on stage, I saw Ashley run on stage as well. I got up from the drums, and walked over to Calum. He handed me jackie, and I was holding her. "Can we get her a mic!" I yelled. A guy ran her a mic, and I took the one from my drums. "I'm sorry." She said. "Don't be." I replied. "Say something." I said to Jackie. She smiled. "Mommy look! I'm on stage!" She yelled. I laughed, and so did everyone else. "I wanna go see Luke." She said. "Ashton isn't good with kids. Especially not three year olds." Calum said.

Luke's POV

Ashton gave me the child. "Hi." Jackie said. I smiled. I'm not very good with kids, well I am, but on stage I'm not. "Jaclyn Rose." Ashley said. "I gonna be in trouble." Jackie said. I laughed at that.

Ashley's POV

"Don't ever go on stage again." I said to Jackie as we got into the dressing room. "Why not?" She asked. "Because, now you and me are going to have to go back home." I replied. "But I don't want to." She said. I shook my head. "Well we are now." I said.

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