Everything About Him |Ashton Irwin|

Ashley never thought that one person could change her whole life. She never thought she would find someone who actually loved her. But most of all, she never though that she would actually be in love with him.


22. Chapter Nineteen

Ashley's POV

"Why didn't you tell me you knew my cousin?" I asked. "Why didn't you tell me your cousin is Luke's step sister?" Ashton asked. "I didn't know!" I snapped. "You heard the name taylor. You should've known." I said. "There are more people in this world named taylor!" He yelled.

I rolled my eyes, and made a face. "Stop that!" He yelled. "Stop what!" I yelled. "With that face! It drives me crazy!" He yelled. "I'm not making a face!" I yelled.

"Why did you go there anyway? You always say how much you hate your family." He said. "My cousins aren't good." I said. "Then why go!" He yelled. "Stop raising your voice." I said. "Look, taylor is adopted. She needs someone who understands her." I said. "Did you know shes dating Luke? Her step brother." Ashton asked. My jaw dropped.

"Her father is some person." He said. "How dare you talk about my uncle!" I yelled. "Mommy. Are you fighting?" Jaclyn asked. "No baby." I replied. "That's what you sayed to daddy before he went away." She said. "I promise we aren't fighting honey." I said picking her up.

Jaclyn rubbed her eyes, and yawned. "Is my baby tired?" I asked. She nodded, as she laid her head on my shoulder.

"You're so lucky this child is here." I said. He looked at me. "What happened to us?" He asked. "One day we are fine. The next... We are fighting." He said. "I don't know." I replied. "Mommy." Jaclyn said picking her head up. "Yes baby." I said. "Where's Calum?" She asked. "He's away right now." I replied. "Why?" I asked.

"Aunt Anne was looking videos of Calum. A picure went up on screen. He was naked. I want to ask him what is hanging out." She said. "Um. Ashton. This is your deal." I said.

Ashton's POV

"You wanted to ask what?" I asked. "What was hanging out." Jackie said. "How about you go to bed, and I'll ask Calum." I said. "Oh aright." She said.

"Calum Thomas Hood! Skype now!" I texted. Ashley's computer went off. "Hey ash." Calum said. "So, apparently a four year old saw your nude." I said.

"CALUM!" Jackie said running towards the screen. "Come here ladybug." I said, grabbing her. "So, Calum. Why don't you tell Jackie here what was hanging out in your picture." I said. He looked at me. "What's that Luke! You need me! I'll be right there!" Calum yelled. "Dude. I didn't call you." Luke said, walking across the room. "Well, Jackie. That's um. Something that daddy has." Calum said.

"What's it called?" She asked. "What are you telling her!" Ashley yelled. "She wants to know." Calum said. "She's only four!" She yelled. "Mommy. I wanna know." Jackie said. She sighed. "Calum, would you explain what it is?" She asked. "Well, you see. That's what made you." Calum said. I laughed.


Ashley's POV

"Babe. I can't keep up with the rent. It's way too much money." I said. "I'll handle it." Ashton said. "You did so much already. If Tyler would send me child support, I could possibly afford this. But, he isn't." I said. "Babe. I promise. I'll handle it." Ashton replied. I sighed. I put my hands over my eyes. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Just so much stress. Rachel is fighting with my dad. You're leaving in two weeks. Jaclyn is gonna find out that you're not her real father. Shes gonna end up hating me. You're gonna leave someday, because I'm just some charity case." I replied, shedding a tear. "Hey. Look at me." Ashton said. I lifted my head up. "All of those things may happen. But I can promise you one thing. I will never leave you. You are not a charity case." He said. "But-" "there are no buts. I will never leave you." He said. I smiled.

"Can I ask you something?" Annelyy asked. I nodded. "What will happen when Jaclyn goes to live with Tyler?" She asked. "Anne. She's not going to live with him." I said. "But you said-" "I know what I said. She's not. I'm not going to college. If I go to college, I'll miss everything. Jaclyn will have the worst father, she won't be left alone with him." I said. She nodded.

"Did you ever think about Ashton... Cheating on you?" She asked. "What? Why would you say that?" I asked. "I saw him with a girl. They were holding hands." She said. My jaw dropped. "I have to go." I said. "Don't do anything stupid!" She yelled.

"Ashton!" I yelled slamming the door. "Hey babe. Woah. You alright?" He said. "Annelyy said she saw you with some girl!" I yelled. He laughed. "Hey Laur!" He yelled. "Shes here!" I yelled. "Ash, that little girl is the cutest thing ever." She said. "You let her play with my child!" I yelled.

"Babe, I would you to meet Lauren. My sister." He said. My jaw dropped. "Lauren. Y-your sister." I said. He nodded. "Hi Ashley. Ashton told me so many things about you." She said. I smiled. "Lauren. Wow. I've heard so many things about you." I said. "Oh! Ash! I need to talk to you." I said. "Laur, would you like to watch jackie?" He asked. "Oh my gosh! Yes!" She yelled. I laughed.

"What's-" I cut him off by kissing him. He pulled away. "Woah." He said. I laughed, and started kissing him again. I took off his shirt. "Babe. My sister is in the other room." He said. "And..." I said. "We can't." He said. "Alright. I guess I'll take my lips somewhere else." I said. He grabbed my wrist as I was about to leave, and kissed me. "She can wait." He said. I smiled. He pulled my shirt off, and kissed down my body. "We will make this quick." He said. I smiled.

"Mommy!" "Ashton!" Jaclyn and Lauren both yelled. I laid my head on Ashton's chest. "Just once." I said. He laughed. I got up, and put my shirt and pants back on.

"What's wrong baby? Lauren Ashton will be out in a bit." I said. "Rachel coming." Jaclyn said. I sighed. "Let me go get daddy." I said.

"Ash." I said, walking into the room. "Oh god!" I yelled, seeing him totally naked. "Ashley!" He yelled, putting boxers on. I laughed. "Get dressed. My sister is coming over. And remember the last time she saw you. Beware of that." I said. He sighed. "Alright. We will continue that little scene, later." He said. "Those clothes will be on the ground." He said. I laughed. And he kissed me. I smiled in the kiss.


"Hi Ashley!" Rachel yelled. I stopped kissing Ashton. "Babeeee." He whined. "I promise. Tonight." I smiled. "Let's go. Just like stay behind me." I said. He laughed, but what what he was told.

"Hey Rach." I said. "Hey... ASHTON!" She yelled running to him. She practically tackled him to the ground. "Um. Babe." He said. I laughed. "I think I'm enjoying this." I said. He looked at me. "Fine." I said, lifting her off of Ashton.

"So, dad is like super angry." Rachel said. "And why is that." I said. "Well, he found me alone with a boy. In my room. In my bed." She said. I jumped up. "Rachel Marie Green! You're only fifteen!" I yelled. "I know. But-" "there are no buts." I said. "Alright. Calm down. It's not like you never did that." She said. I looked at her. "Huh?" I asked. "I know Jackie is yours. I knew the entire time." She said.

"So, did you and Ashton ever-" "no. God no." I said. "Well why not. He's leaving soon." She said. "We just can't find the time. Like, as much as I want... Wait. Why am I talking to you about this?" I replied. She laughed. "You're my sister. My loving sister." She said.


"Peace and quiet. Lauren and Jackie are asleep. No noises. No yelling. Nothing." Ashton said. I smiled, and laid on top of him. He kissed me, and moved down my neck.

A phone starting ringing. I laid my head on his chest. "Get it." I sighed. He reached over, to his phone. "Luke, not now." He said. "What do you mean?" He asked. "Three days. Why." He said. "Alright. Three days. Got it." He said, hanging up.

"Babe, I have to leave in three days." Ashton said.

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