Everything About Him |Ashton Irwin|

Ashley never thought that one person could change her whole life. She never thought she would find someone who actually loved her. But most of all, she never though that she would actually be in love with him.


28. Authors Note

Hey guys. I wanted to just say something. Well two things.

The first thing is, THANK YOU! I have 200 fans! 200 freakin fans! That's just amazing! You all rock! I love you all so much! Like, you have no idea! I've been trying to answer all your dm's on Instagram, and for those who have my kik, I've been trying to answer the best I can.

The second thing is, I may not be updating that much anymore, on any of my books. I have to focus on my school work. I'm failing in almost all my subjects, so I'll try and update as much as I can, on all of them. Please don't stop reading, if I don't update a lot. I love you all so much! And I don't know what I would do without you all! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND DANA!!!!!!!!!!!

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