Love really hurts


4. chapter 4

Me and Zayn stopped kissing and looked beside us, we found Harry Styles looking at us. He asked me in a mean way what was I doing. I answered very politely just kissing my boyfriend. Zayn knew I was going to say that. Harry looks at me in a surprised face and then he grabbed me and tells me that I never did that with him. I didn't answer. I took Zayn's hand and went to the living room. Me and Zayn sat next to Lou. Harry then comes in and starts asking me questions. I didn't answer of course. Then Harry comes and sits next to me, I didn't do anything. He then starts talking about the girl that was with him in bed. He said that he didn't cheat on me. But we all know he did. I start screening at him and said that I loved him from all my heart and I still do. But all he could do is cheat on me which I officially hate. Harry begged me to give him another chance. But I can't. I needed to talk to someone. It had to be Zayn and Lou(of course). I really like Zayn and I love Harry. But I really would love a relationship with Zayn. Omg they are making this really hard.

Hope u liked the story so far. Do u think Merna should be with Harry or Zayn. I will keep the story updated. If u have any comments just tweet me on Twitter. THANKS

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