Love really hurts


2. chapter 2

I just woke up😴, and I am thinking of going to see Louis. I called him and he said that Harry is not there so that I can come see the lads.

When I arrived at the lads house

I knocked on the door and Lou opened it for me. I said hi to Lou ,Niall, Zayn, and Liam. I went and sat down next to Lou. I gave him a big hug. To me Lou is like a big bro. He knows all my secrets. I even trust him with my life. I was in uncomfortable cloths. So I asked Lou if I can borrow some of his cloths. He says yes and I run upstairs. I went to pick out some sweat pants and a white shirt. I went to the bathroom to change. When I was changing I remembered Harry when he let me borrow his clothes. Then I started crying. I stop crying and went to wash my face. I came out of the bathroom, and was about to leave until Harry grabbed my hand. I told him to leave my hand. He said no. When I tried to leave he grabbed me from my shoulders. I said to him leave me alone, all he did is say that he has to talk to me. I tell him all brave that I don't want you to talk to me because what you did to me can never be fixed. "Merna I know you still have feelings for me", he said that all brave. I answer,"yes I still have feelings for you but I can never get back to a guy that cheated on me!" He says it was a accident, but we all know the truth. Tears started running down my face and all I can do is cry. I kept repeating myself saying let me go please. He tried giving me a hug but I just said don't touch me. He finally let me go. I ran downstairs so scared. I went to Lou. He said what happened and I told him the whole story. He comes me down. The lads were all in their rooms. I cried really hard to Lou since he was like my brother. In my mind I was thinking on what I will do. So then I remembered I need to find a boyfriend to keep me safe. I told Lou about what I was thinking he said that it was a great idea. He also said that he had someone that is sweet and I know. I said who and he said Zayn. I told him that Zayn doesn't think that way about me. He said yes he does. But all I can do is forget about it. 😞

I went to go get a glass of water and Zayn was in there I tried not to look at him and to say nothing. But I couldn't help it. I had to say something. He was eating a sandwich. I don't know what to do.

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