Just Sayin'

She's got a boyfriend. And he's a total loser, and her friends tell her that he's got no future , by they like me.

Just Sayin'.


4. chapter 3

Kats POV:

What was wrong with amber, Miranda, and Luke? They all didn't like Zach. Maybe Mikey, Ash, and Calum didn't like him either . But Zach is so sweet.

After everyone left the diner , I went to My house .

I got a text from Zach. "Hey, I was wondering if we could meet at that place on the corner tomorrow night. " it said .

I texted back . "Sure. You can pick me up at 8".

He texted back. "Actually, we can just meet at the restaurant"


Wow . He never takes me out . Was there a special occasion? No, there couldn't be. I got in bed and fell asleep.

The next day, Miranda and Amber came over . I told them about the date and they insisted to get me ready for my date

. They picked out an outfit for me. It was a short fitted black dress. It was kind of sexy.

I threw on some black heels and amber did my make up while Miranda did my hair . They drove me to the restaurant and dropped me off .

It was 7:55. I walked in and walked to our reserved table . Zach wasn't here yet . A few minutes later , it was 8. He wasn't here yet .

I waited and waited . It was 8:30. Finally , he casually walked in with a t-shirt and jeans on.

"Sorry I'm late babe. I was busy" he said. I nodded. We ordered our food and had a conversation.

The check came. "Listen, babe, I forgot my wallet. Could you pay?" He asked me .

"Zach, this is the fourth time this has happened . " I said . "And I'm really sorry ." He said.

. I sighed . I pulled the check towards me. "thanks" he said .

We left the restaurant and went back to Zachs house. As soon as we got back , he slammed me against the wall and started kissing me. I kissed back.

. He brought me to his room. He took off his shirt, and my dress. I went to take off his pants, when I felt something in his back pocket .

His wallet. That means he lied to me. No, there's probably an explanation. But I was just making sure .

I stopped kissing him ." I think I should go" I said .

"Awe come one , Kitty Kat" he said . "Sorry ,Zach" I said . I put my clothes back on. And we walked to the front door .

"Good night" I said. "Good night "he said, and he kissed me. I opened the door and left , and it occurred to me that I didn't have a ride, so I just walked home .

I got a text from Miranda "how was the date?" "It was great" "good" . Once I got home , I fell asleep

Luke's POV:

On Monday, I got up and got dressed in my black skinny jeans , and my green day shirt.

. I left to go to school. I caught up with Kat in the hallway. "How was your date?" I ask. "How'd you know about that?" She asked . "Amber told me" I said . "So how was it?" I asked again

"Can I be honest with you?" She asked. "Of course you can .we've been best friends since first grade" I answered.

"Ok. The date wasn't that great. " she said . She explained everything. I was so angry.

. "Kat,you should leave him, 'cause it really makes me sick,just sayin'." I said .

"Luke! He apologized, and you still think he's a jerk?" She yelled at me. I nodded. "I can't believe you luke. Just stay out of my business" she said as rushed off to class.

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