Just Sayin'

She's got a boyfriend. And he's a total loser, and her friends tell her that he's got no future , by they like me.

Just Sayin'.


3. chapter 2

Lukes POV

I lay on my bed, staring up at the ceiling . Just thinking. Thinking about Kat . I hope she was alright.

I call her . "Hey , are you ok?" I ask. "Yeah why?" "No reason. Did you and Zach, i don't know , do something ?" I ask

"Uh—No" she said nervously . "Kat?" I asked, demandingly. "Fine. I lost my vir–" I cut her off. "What?!" "what's the problem?" She asks. "Kat, I don't like him . " I said .

I hung up. I can't believe it.

It was Saturday. We were all meeting up . "We" meaning Kat, Mikey, Ash, calum, Amber , Miranda , and ....Zach.

We were meeting at a diner. We all say down in a large booth, once we got there.

We ordered our drinks and Zach left to go to the bathroom . After he left, Amber spoke.

"I don't like Zach. He's way to stuck up"

"Yeah, he's got no future!" Miranda said. "There are a lot of guys I would like you to date, but he's not one of them. "

Kat started to get upset. "Can't you guys just feel happy for me?!" She said

Amber and Miranda looked down . "Sorry Kat" they said. Kat nodded.

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