Just Sayin'

She's got a boyfriend. And he's a total loser, and her friends tell her that he's got no future , by they like me.

Just Sayin'.


2. chapter 1

I walked into the school and to my locker. I took out my books and started walking through the hall. I found the familiar bright-red-dyed-hair and ran up to my best friend, and secret crush, Kat. "Hey , Kat!" I exclaimed as Kat turned towards me . "Hey Luke" She said . We started talking , and when her boyfriend, Zach, showed up, we kept talking and didn't see him. He coughed , showing that he was annoyed , and we stopped talking . "Hey babe!" Kat exclaimed . "Hey Kitty Kat" he said. Kat giggled . Kitty Kat? That was my nickname to her!

Zach whispered something in her ear, and she smiled , as he started to kiss her neck . I'm thankful that I didn't hear what he said . I ignored them and started talking to calum. We got to our class , and it was boring as usual.

Through our the whole class, Zach kept squeezing her thigh . And every 5 minutes , his hand would go a little higher. It disgusted me. After class, it was lunch time .i sat down at the table I always eat at , with calum, Ashton , Mikey, Kat, Amber (Kats Friend) , Miranda, (Kats other friend) , and Zach. We always were the fun table .

We were all eating , and Zach started making out with Kat. He looked like he was eating her. "Zach..." She said between breaths. "In public.." "Stop" But he kept kissing her . "She told you to stop!" I yelled at Zach, creating a scene . Zach stopped . "Chill out man" he said , as he took Kat off of his lap. "Thanks" Kat mumbled. The rest of the lunch was quiet .

After School, I ran up to Kat, who was walking home with Zach. "Kat, are we still going to work on the essay today?" I asked . "Oh, gosh Luke, I forgot . I promised Zach that he could come over . Sorry." She said . I nodded with disappointment . I looked at Zach . He had something coming out of his pocket . It's a– oh my gosh. A..condom pack? What was he going to do with Kat? Why should I care . it's not like she cares about me ,anyway . Canceling me coming over like that

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