When we are older

Six best friends all live together and this is there story


7. The morning.

Fiona P.O.V 


I woke up and got in the shower. Today was my day off from work so I was going to go hang out with my squad for a little and then do other stuff! I got out of the shower and put my black and white sport push up bra on then my Monsters inc. sweatshirt on and pair of black under wear on then my gray sweatpants on. I brushed my hair and curled it. I looked through my drawers for my bracelets that my mom and Cody got me. It was almost Christmas so I was so happy. I finally found my bracelets so I walked into my room trying find a pair of shoes. I didn't find any so I walked out to the living room seeing Emma and Tucker making out on the couch."Hey other people live here.Get a room." I said. "We know.We will when you find a boyfriend." Emma said. I walked to Cody's room and knocked on the door. "Hey Cody can I come in." I asked. Cody and I were like boyfriend and girlfriend but we are just friends. "Yea boo come in." I walked in to his room him just laying there on his phone. "May I borrow a pair of your shoes." I asked sweetly. "of course honey." He said I started to blush then looked away. "So when we going to hang with squad." I asked "Um in like three four hours." "ok" I found a pair of Jordan's and put them on. "Do you know where my Phone and ring are." "Yea there right here you left them here last nigh before you left me." He said dramatically. I laughed then got my things then laid next to him, took his snap back and just laid there hugging him.





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