When we are older

Six best friends all live together and this is there story


10. Shopping

Erica's P.O.V

I was waiting for Fiona to get home and for Emma to get out the shower. " Hey baby what you doing''Isaiah asked. "waiting for the girls'' I said looking at him. He is the best boyfriend I have ever had. "oh'' ''Yea. Um..Can I have a kiss.'' I asked him in my sweet voice. He bent down and gave me a long kiss then walked in to are room. "Okay Okay but when you hurt your self it was just so funny i'm sorry.'' I heard Fiona say to Cody "Hey you guys have a good morning." I asked them "yea" they both said.  I saw Emma come out looking awesome like all was. "you ready to go" I asked "yep"they all said. We walk to the town center then me and Emma went one way and Fiona and Cody went the other. We were going shop for Christmas so we can get it done. Then we are going to  get a tree and lights. Isaiah and Tucker went to the mall with there mom's. (Three hours later) So we got are shopping done and the tree so now we are just sitting watching movies. 

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