Emma Faith Tomlinson

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Emma faith Tomlinson and her older brother Louis Tomlinson move from Doncaster to Cheshire with their 6 year old twin sisters after their parents mysteriously disappeared a year ago. Emma and Louis look after their sisters and take them to school everyday and make sure they keep their grades up at their new school aswell. plus being the new kid is not a great thing ./ how will they do it?/what will Emma do when 'he' comes to the house to hang with her brother?/ can they do it??/ what will happen?/ read to find out in Emma Faith Tomlinson!!!!!!


3. chapter 3 - school

Emma's P.O.V.


I groan and roll over to hit the snooze button, why is my alarm going off? just than I feel two little bodies jump on top of me.

"time to get up Em" they both shout, oh yeah school, fun................................NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"alright, alright, im up okay!" I say to them, in an annoyed voice, they laugh and jump of me running out of the room, I sit up in bed and than I get out and walk over to my bathroom grabbing a towel that was sitting on my bed, which I guess Louis or the twins had put there. I walk into the bathroom and strip off, before running the water, I wait for it to warm up, than I jump in and wash myself, not bothered to was my hair today.

I soon get out and grab the towel to wrap around me, I walk out of my bathroom and over to my wardrobe and get some clothes out for the school day today. I get my undergarments and put them on then throw on my clothes before grabbing my shoes, and my bag .


walking out of my room and into the kitchen to see the girl already eating as well as Louis, okay what the hell Is going on here? Louis never makes any food for the girls, or even himself, I have to always make it, what the actual f**k!

"there are some pancakes on the plate over there for you" Louis says, as he gestures to the bench, I grab them and go and sit next to him

"thanks" I say, and dig in. by the time im finished breakfast we have to leave so we can make it to school, because we have to drop the girls off at their school.

"alright lets go" Louis yells. we all walk out the door and I grab my key for the house as I walk out, I lock it and make my way to the car

"Louis can I drive the girls to school, than you can drive us to school please?" I ask well practically begging.

"alright" Louis sighs, and gives in to my puppy dog look, I smile and jump for joy, taking the key off Louis and running to the drivers side.

Louis buckles the girls in and he gets in, I start the car and reverse out of the drive way. Louis directs me on the way to go and we make it to the girls school in 15 minutes. I park the car and Louis get out of the car and takes the girls in. once I see Louis walking back, I jump out of the drivers seat grabbing my bag and I sit in the passengers seat, Louis get in and starts the car, we head to our school and its only a 10 minutes drive from the girls school.

when Louis turns up to school and he parks the car, everyone turns to look at us, I get out of the car grabbing my bag and walking with my head down, but still watching where im going, to find the front office. until..........

"ow!" I hear, as I bump into someone, well I must of not been paying attention very well.

"oh my god, im so sorry!" I say and look up to see a beautiful girl with long dark brown curly hair, and who is really skinny, she is so pretty.

"its okay, your new here aren't you!?" she asks

"uh yeah, I am" I say with a small smile,

"well im Eleanor Calder nice to meet you" she says holding out her hand for me to shake, I grab a hold of it and introduce myself

"im Emma Tomlinson" I say "nice to meet you too" I smile at her

"do you need help on where your going?" Eleanor asks

"uh yeah I do, I don't know where the front office is" I say kind of embarrassed.

"here ill show you, follow me" she say and turns around walking down a hallway and disappearing around the corner, I than quickly run to catch up to her, once I've caught up to her, we walk in silence for the rest of the walk there.

once we are at the front office she walks me in and tell the lady behind the desk that im new, and tells her my name, the lady smiles at me and types something into her computer than disappears over to the other side of the office, she soon returns with my schedule

"here you go" she say handing it to me

"thank you" I say smiling towards the older lady.

Eleanor and I walk out of the office and I look down towards my schedule

1st period: English

2nd period: maths

3rd period: drama


4th period: gym

5th period: gym


6th period: dance


okay honestly I don't mind my timetable for today, its okay.

"so what have you got?, oh, what year are you in?" Eleanor asks me

"oh im in year 10, and here" I say passing her my timetable, she looks through it and smiles

"we have all the same classes together except dance that when I have art" she says to me

"few that's good at least I know someone in my classes" I say laughing and sighing from relief, Eleanor laugh with me aswell, just than the bell rings and we quickly walk towards our English class and we sit in a couple of seats towards the middle of the classroom, I sit right next to Eleanor, right against the wall as another one of Eleanor's friends sit next to her.

"oh, Emma, this is Danielle, Danielle this Emma she's new, and she is also in dance with you" Eleanor says smiling at the both of us.

"hello" I say to Danielle

"hi, by the way you can call me dani, its easier" she said smiling at me

"okay, thanks dani" I say smiling at her too. just than the teacher walk in and everyone stops talking, thank god he doesn't make me stand up and tell the class something about myself that would be embarrassing.

English and maths fly by, and now me and Eleanor are in drama, and there are only 6 of us in this class its quite small and I like that. we do a bunch of drama games and me and Eleanor mess around a bit but our drama teacher is really cool and doesn't mind.


its now recess and Eleanor is taking me to the cafeteria, so we can get something to eat.

"so what do you want?" Eleanor asks me

"um" I say looking at what is offered today

- chicken salad

- hot chips

- Sheppard's pie

- sausages and mashed potato


"um im gonna go with the chicken salad" I say to her

"yeah me too" Eleanor says, as we approach the place to get our food.

we walk in line with the other students and El grabs her chicken salad and I quickly grab mine, we walk down a little further and get a drink, El chooses orange juice and I grab an apple juice. we than walk over to where everyone is sitting,

"over here!" El says pointing over to her left, we walk over there and I see Dani the girl I was introduced to first period, with a whole lot of other people.

"hey dani" El says and takes 1 of the empty seats, I grab a seat next to her and sit down

"hey El, hey Emma" dani says

"hey" I say

"so how do you like our school so far?" a guy next to dani says

"um, yeah its good, but its so big" I say answering the guy I don't know

"oh sorry my name is Jacob" Jacob says to me

"hey" I say smiling, I then start eating my salad, the cafeteria suddenly gets quite, and I look up to El and Dani with a questioning look. dani points over to the cafeteria doors, I turn around and look to see a really hot guy with lots of tattoos, brown curly hair, and from here his eyes look green, wow. I turn back around

"who's that guy?" I ask El

"oh him, that's Harry Styles the bad boy of the school, stay away from him, he a lot of trouble" she says

of course he's the bad boy of the school, I should have guessed it.

"but that guy with the brown short hair and blue eyes, is hot, I've never seen him before" El says , wait what, what guy?

I turn around and look next to the Harry guy and see...............my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!, what the hell.!!!!!!

"he's hot isn't he" El asks, I quickly turn around and face her

"um no, defiantly not!" I say a little, no actually a lot grossed out

"what how isn't he hot!" El says, to me

"because that's my brother and that's just ewwwwww!" I say shaking my head.

"wait what? he's your brother?, wow your brother is hot!" El says

"Please stop!!!!" I say shaking my head in grossness.



not sure if that's a word but anyway, hope you like it please like, favourite and comment what you think.

- love tayjoyce xx

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