Emma Faith Tomlinson

(one direction not famous)
Emma faith Tomlinson and her older brother Louis Tomlinson move from Doncaster to Cheshire with their 6 year old twin sisters after their parents mysteriously disappeared a year ago. Emma and Louis look after their sisters and take them to school everyday and make sure they keep their grades up at their new school aswell. plus being the new kid is not a great thing ./ how will they do it?/what will Emma do when 'he' comes to the house to hang with her brother?/ can they do it??/ what will happen?/ read to find out in Emma Faith Tomlinson!!!!!!


2. chapter 2

Emma's P.O.V.

"Emma, phoebe daisy!, just reminding you, we all have school tomorrow. don't forget!" Louis shouts from downstairs somewhere. ugh!! god school, nooooooo!

"alright!" I yell back to Louis as the girls yell 'okay'

******3 hours later******(5:00pm)*******

"Em what's for dinner?" phoebe asks me, I turn to her and smile,

"here take the remote and watch some TV while I'll go make us dinner" I say to her kissing her forehead.

"thank you Em" phoebe says, I smile and get off the couch and walk into the kitchen, I look through the pantry and decide on cooking pasta for dinner. I grab the pasta and look for a pot in the cupboard, once I had finally found a pot I filled it with water, and added the pasta, and waited for it to cook.


once the pasta was done I added the random sauce I had found in the pantry, and served it into bowls, and set the table.

"dinners ready!" I yell loud enough for Louis to hear me upstairs.

the twins come running into the kitchen and I help them onto their booster seats so they can reach the table properly, without spilling the food. after they are sitting properly I sit in my seat just as Louis enters the kitchen, we all eat our dinner discussing what school is going to be like tomorrow. and what time we all need to be up by.


after dinner I clean up all the plates and do the washing up, I than get to making the girls lunches for tomorrow, because the school doesn't supply food like our high school does. once in done I put them in the fridge. I walk into the lounge room and see the twins and Louis watching TV. I look at the time and its already 7:30!!!! where did the time go?

"girls come on time for bed" I say walking towards them.

"aw but we don't want to got o bed" they both complain, I sigh and kneel down next to them

"the sooner you go to bed the sooner you can go to school and meet some new friends" I say faking excitement, I can see in the corner of my eye Louis' smirk, he knows how much I hate changing schools, because im never the popular one and he is,

"okay!" they say excitedly, they get up and run upstairs to their room, Louis starts laughing and I just stick my rude finger up to him and walk upstairs to the girls room to put them to bed.


sorry its short but I hope you like it :)

- love tayjoyce xx


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