Emma Faith Tomlinson

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Emma faith Tomlinson and her older brother Louis Tomlinson move from Doncaster to Cheshire with their 6 year old twin sisters after their parents mysteriously disappeared a year ago. Emma and Louis look after their sisters and take them to school everyday and make sure they keep their grades up at their new school aswell. plus being the new kid is not a great thing ./ how will they do it?/what will Emma do when 'he' comes to the house to hang with her brother?/ can they do it??/ what will happen?/ read to find out in Emma Faith Tomlinson!!!!!!


1. chapter 1 - new place, new house

Emma's P.O.V.

"Louis how much longer?" daisy asks from the back seat behind Louis.

"only a few minutes I promise" Louis replies as he is watching where he is driving.

yeah Louis can drive and so can I, its good actually because its only been me, Louis and the twins for a year, and we needed a way around so we are thankful we can both drive. we are currently driving in Cheshire trying to find our new house. you see we had to move from Doncaster to Cheshire because it was getting to hard for me and Louis to look after the girls by ourselves so we are moving to Cheshire to live around the corner from our grandparents house so they can help us out a little.

"where here!" Louis shouts with excitement, which snaps me out of my thoughts, I look up to the house we are pulled up in front of. its huge, its 2 stories high and got a pretty big front yard with a medium length driveway, I see two other cars parked in the driveway with our one, who's here?

I get out of the car and immediately hear grandma Jean scream my name

"Emma darling!" grandma Jean says excitedly, I smile and walk half way to meet up to her and give her a hug and kiss on the cheek

"hey grandma, how are you?" I ask

"just lovely now that your here, oh by the way welcome to your new home, grandpa and I have set everything up for you, and here's your key, I already gave Louis his" grandma says

"thank you grandma, thank you for everything" I say giving her a huge tight hug but not too tight.

"oh and if you ever need anything, our house is down the road at the end on the right" grandma says to me

"thank you grandma, really thank you" I say quickly.

"alright im going to let you guys unpack if you need anything you know where we live, bye lovelies" grandma say as she and grandpa get into their car and drive away.

"Emma can you please hurry up and get your stuff out of the car please!" Louis shouts to me

"alright calm down jeez!" I shout back to him, as I go to the car and grab my 3 suitcases, and close the boot of the car.

I walk up to the house and walk in, when you walk in you walk straight into the lounge room, and the kitchen is right behind it, with two huge sliding doors, that go out to the back yard, where the pool is. I already love this house.

I quickly drag my suitcases up the stairs to my left and walk down the hallway, seeing that the twins room is the first room to the right, the bathroom is the first on the left.

I keep walking and see Louis room is on the left next to the bathroom, I shrug and walk further noticing my room right at the end of the hallway, but just before I reach my room I notice another room, with wooden floors and huge mirrors on 2 of the 4 walls, I smile to myself, I might start that up again, I haven't danced since mum and dads disappearance, I should really start it back up again, I really miss it.

yeah that's exactly what im going to do, I continue to walk towards my room.

when I open the door I am greeted by beautiful baby blue walls, my favourite colour, I look over towards my bed and see I have a queen sized bed that has white pillows and light blue sheets and a dark blue dooner. 

I walk further into my room and see 2 doors, I walk over to the one on the right side and open it, I find a cute little bathroom, with a nice sized bath, a shower big enough for 2, the sink and obviously the toilet.

 I walk out still with my suitcases in my hands, and walk over to the door on the other side of the room, I open it and see a good sized walk in wardrobe, I dump my 3 bags on the floor of the walk in wardrobe, and open the first one. I start to unpack, just as im about to put my 2 sets of heels on the floor near the back of the walk in wardrobe, I see there is something wrong with the wall, I slightly run my hand over it, and decide to push on It a little to see what it is, just as I push on it, I swings open, im confused? what is this?

I get down and crawl over to it to see its a little room full with pillows and blankets, with a heap of books, and 2 lamps in the diagonal corners. I smile, yay I got my own little hide out, I quickly crawl back out and close the little door before moving my shoes to a different place, I than unpack my last 2 bags and im finally settled in yes finally!!!!. I put my suitcases where the door is cause there easy to move and they hide the door from anyone and everyone.



new story, cant wait to finish writing this one, its going to be great, please tell me if you like it or not, it would mean  a lot thanks, please like comment and favourite :)

- tayjoyce

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