One Summer Day // luke hemmings

Eva Bonavia was just bored. (read to find out more :))


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

(Not Edited)


I tapped the email with a surge of excitement, I doubt it would stop. I looked up to my mother, my father, and Anne. I smiled and waited until Anne finished babbling about her favorite band 5 Seconds of Summer.

"Can I be excused?" I ask politely and push my plate of half eaten mashed potatoes, and rice. My parents turned to me no longer smiling they put on a forced smile and nodded yes, Anne just turned and looked at me suspiciously.

I run upstairs and into my room of posters of some crap, two drawers, a desk, nightstand, closet and a mirror. I fall onto my blue bed and sit up straight leaning in on my phone tapping the email.

Reply :

Dear Eva,

I used to get bored in the Summer, but not so much now and days. Also, don't worry I am no creepy rapist :(. Please don't tell anyone about this email- don't worry I am no spy or some traitor, I just can't have a lot of people knowing personal inflammation. In fact, I promise to tell you who I am if I get to know you better :].



p.s. it's for the best.

I glanced and re read it, what is this? The mafia?

Part Two


I sit down on the couch, I had just emailed some stranger and I wasn't worried, I was just worried about people emailing me and ruining my whole email!

"Do you like Waffles?" Sang Ashton and Michael, "Yeah we like waffles!" Calum sang back, they were recording while I wasn't in the video, besides I do not like being in videos, I fear it.

"Hey Lukey! You ought to sing with us!" Calum says they all seemed obviously drunk where they let go of everything, like the time Calum posted a nude, they all go crazy if they get drunk. I glance at them and shook my head and mouthed the words 'No' which should give the hint 'Leave me alone' but I doubt it will because they're drunk.

I walk back to my room since we were in Ashton and Michael's room at the hotel, I share with Calum. I went to my bed and fell asleep quickly after that concert it can tire you easily.

I wish I could trust Eva though.

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