One Summer Day // luke hemmings

Eva Bonavia was just bored. (read to find out more :))


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

(Not Edited)


Days later I actually get the time to email back to penguinlover101. I was pretty much busy for the last two days with babysitting Anne and then doing more stuff.

Dear Penguinlover101,

Why don't you trust me? I trusted you isn't it fair that YOU trust me?

Also, I am sorry for not getting back to you because I was busy babysitting my younger sister Anne, she loves the band 5 Seconds of Summer, I could care less though. Also to confirm my suspicions what gender are you? Atleast tell me that much :]



I kept it short like penguinlover did, I guess I would just consider penguinlover101 a boy for now until they reply.

"Eva!" Anne comes rushing in with her hair in a pony tail which made her look taller then she already is, she's 13 so she's pretty tall currently, "Have you watched the new video?"

"What new video?" I ask grabbing her pad which is on Youtube showing 5 Seconds of Summer.

"Amnesia!" She cheers proudly clapping her hands and jumping, she's a fangirl.

She shakes her head and presses play where there is a brown curly haired dude riding a yellow bicycle, "That's Ashton." Then it shows bubbles and it shows the song name Amnesia. Then there is a black haired guy, "Calum." and then it quickly goes over to a green haired person, "Michael, also lastly but not least my dear sister, Eva there is blonde Luke."

"Tell me about them?" I ask a little bored.

"Ashton is really funny, he is the oldest, he was born July 7th, 1994- I think so he's 20. Also, he plays the drums really well!" She smiles proudly, "Calum plays the bass guitar, he is 18, he was born 1996, he has one sibling, and he released a nude of himself once!" She chuckles, "Michael likes to dye his hair, he is 19 born in 1995, he actually hated Luke before the band and his birth sign is Scorpio!" She then laughs halfheartedly, "Lastly Luke is the youngest, he is the main singer, I actually think he's romantic because he sang a song to a girl he broke up with it was Lego House, I think he's the tallest in the band, he has two brothers, he's 18 born in 1996, he used to do covers of himself in 20111 and he loves penguins!"

"Penguins?" I ask quietly thinking of penguinlover101, but I doubt it.

"P E N G U I N S!" She spells out loudly and then she beams.

"So his email could be like penguinlover101 or peguins4ever?" I ask doubtingly.

She shrugs, "I guess."

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