One Summer Day // luke hemmings

Eva Bonavia was just bored. (read to find out more :))


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

(Not Edited)



I snap the pencil in half, I hated hearing the god damn same sound, I swear I can still hear it if I listen close enough. I glance around and eye my grey laptop that I had gotten for Easter a while ago. I am 17 going into 12th grade soon after this summer is over. I grab my laptop and put it in my lap which was warm from sitting in the sun I started typing.

To :

From :

Dear peguinlover101,

Hey, I am emailing a random person because this summer is a total bust, it's soo boring. But anyways we could talk if you want? You know?

But! If you're a rapist who just sits around on a laptop, don't bother I'll pass!

Anyways, I am Eva and you can say your name if you want, it doesn't matter much to me :] only the rapist part worries me.

So hope you email me back soon ;.;


EvaaB2112 twitter me if you can't respond via email : @evaab1

I press send feeling almost violated sending this to a total stranger.



It was dinner time, while everybody else at the dinner table which was basically (My mother, my father, and my little sister Anne) chatted I was on my phone waiting for penguinlover101. My mother had blonde curls which suited her beautifully with blue eyes, she was tall and slim Anne jokes with her that she should be a model but I was my mother as a mother. My father is a lawyer who has brown hair and dark green eyes, Anne has those blonde curls which I almost envy until finding out that they take a while to comb when you wake up and blue eyes, she is like mother, I have in between blonde and brown hair and my hair isn't curly nor straight- it's wavy. I have light green eyes and I'm not that tall like Anne, my father or my mother, they're really tall and that's there pride, I am actually short and dull.

I hear a ding!

That's my email! I close out of Minecraft (the app I was fooling around on) and opened my Email to a freshly new email from peguinlover101.

~A/N Note~

This is my first fanfiction, so I hope you like it :)

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