Goodbye Jane

I left a note on the fridge in magnet letters-

Goodbye Jane

Cameron Monaghan fanfic


3. |||

Cameron's p.o.v

When I woke up she was in my arms. Her lang blonde hair was in a braid and her eyes were closed over the dark brown balls inside. I sat up and looked at her. She looked so peaceful. Her eyes twitched open and she looked over at me. She smiled slightly and shivered. It was pretty cold.

"G'mornin' beautiful!" I said as she sat up. She checked the time and yawned. It was 9:45.

"Are you hungry?" Her voice rang angelically through the air. Just then I relised I hadn't eaten in 2 days. I was starving.

"I. I don't have any money." I looked shamefully into my palms. How embarrassing.

"I have 387$ in cash and I have a bit in my bank account." My eyes shot up. She is loaded. I dint want to spend her money but I needed food. She packed up her things and we walked to the diner close to the park. When we got there we sat in a corner booth and ordered. We sat in silence for a minute that felt like 10. Until she spoke up.

"What's your story?" Her voice rang into my ear giving me a slight pump in my chest.

"What do you mean?" She looked at me like I was an idiot and giggled. Her giggle sounded like a baby kitten. It was so soft and sweet and innocent. She seemed to strong and put together but in reality she's broken and weak.

"Why are you not home? Why'd ya run?" She asked looking me directly in the eye and not losing sight.

"Well. I live in west with my dad and sister. Her name is Callie. She is only 10. I have always been like her father. My dad just got back from rehab and he was clean. And being a dad. But I was used to it so when I would tell Cal to do something he would argue with me on how he's her father and not me. Last week I had told her she can go ice-skating with her friend and my dad said she couldn't and we started to argue and I got in his face and yelled 'YOUR NOT HER FATHER I AM. I RAISED HER AND TOOK CARE OF HER WHILE YOU WERE OFF FUCKING UP YPUR LIFE! JUST CAUSE YOUR HOME NOW DOESNT MAKE YOU SUPER DAD OR EVEN DAD!' So he punched me. And them threw me down. And kicked me. I left the next day. I knew he wouldn't do that to Callie so I didn't want to put her through this. She's better off there. I'm just looking for my mom now." When I finished the food had came and her eyes were not glowing but dull and sad. Then I remembered her dad. And I grabbed her hand and kissed it. "But it's going to be okay." She nodded and took a bite of her bacon. The only way I'm making it is if I have her. I need her.

Tori's p.o.v

His story blew me away. I didn't think he went through so much. And. I wish I did. I thought I had it bad. If he is from west why is he looking for his mom in south.

"Why here?" His eyes shifted towards me then back to his plate. He took a sip of his coffee and turned to me.

"South is also called Park City. My mom loved parks. When I was younger she would always bring me to a park. And I think one day I will find her on a park bench admiring the view. And I can sit and admire with her." A tear fell quickly from his eye. I wiped it away and hugged him.

"And one day you will. It's up to her when. And were." He nodded and finished his food. Seeing how much he loved his mom made me jelous. I wanted to love my mom. I wanted to care. But I couldn't. And my dad was gone. But I didn't love him either. But Beth was his biggest fan. And now. I'm Cameron's biggest fan.

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