Goodbye Jane

I left a note on the fridge in magnet letters-

Goodbye Jane

Cameron Monaghan fanfic


2. ||

Tori's p.o.v

It has been two days. And mom gets home. I had my phone and it was charged. I sat on a park bench. I could see my house but I'd never seen this park before. I only stayed so I knew that Beth was okay. I saw a black SUV pull into the drive way. My mom. I could barely see her blonde hair when she got out the car. Only 5 minutes since she entered my phone rang. The caller ID read- Jane. I answered and heard faint sobs.

"T-" I cut her off. I didn't want her sobs and cries. I wasn't going home.

"Is. Beth okay?" My eyes watered. I wouldn't dare let them fall. I wanted to sound strong and confident. But I wasn't. I was weak and scared.

"She's okay. But-"

"No. Take care of her. Don't treat her like you treated me. She is all you have. And your all she has. Give Bethany the phone." My voice boomed with power as she handed the phone to Beth. I heard I small son and then a deep breath.

"Tori. Please. Come home. I need you!" Her voice cracked and I could tell she was holding back the tears as best she could. But it wasn't good enough.

"I'm sorry Bethy I can't. I don't belong there anymore. Mom doesn't want me. I miss you. And I love you. Bye baby girl." I hung up right before a single tear fell from my eye. I wiped it and got off the bench. I started to walk towards the motel down the street. I only had 200$ and a room cost 250$. Well shit. The park it is. I slept in the tube slide. When I woke up it was 10:40 pm. I got up and walked to the 24 drug store. I bought a bag of chips and a water. I sat on the bench and counted 187$ I needed a blanket. I decided I was going to sneak a blanket out from my house. When it was finally 12:30 I went home. I walked in and quietly tip toed to my room. My blanket was folded and a black ribbon tied around it. When I walked over to it it had a note on it-

I knew you'd need it. You love your blanket. I love you. Be careful. And here is 283$ it's all I could I could give you. I know you have the other 200$.


I took the note and crossed out mom and wrote Jane. I left it on my bed and walked the out the door slamming it behind me. I saw the lights fly on and my mom in the window. Her mouth slowly turned into a smile and she blew me a kiss. I knew she supported my decision on leaving. I walked to the bench and when I got there a guy was there. He had red hair. I walked over and sat down.

"Hi, I'm Cameron." I knew I shouldn't shake the hand he held out but I also wasn't supposed to run away either. I grabbed his hand and his skin was soft and his grip was strong.

"I'm To- I'm Tania!" When I was younger Amy couldn't say Tori so she called me Tania. I didn't want to be me. I wanted to be someone else. And this was my chance. He smiled and shows his perfect white teeth. I looked into his eyes and was sucked in by the emerald green color. Just them I relised how beautiful he was.

"Why you here so late? You a runna'" He gave a faint smile and a wink. I smiled a fake smile and a nod. He looked at me than the ground. "I um. I ran. It was last week. I've been staying here." He looked up at me without a smile. I looked at my hands as I fiddled my thumbs.

"Well. My story is a bit....complicated." He smiled.

"I'll listen." I unwrapped the blanket and covered us both. I told him the story starting with Amy and ending with meeting him. He looked in my eyes and looked down at his hands.

"I'm. So sorry. You must be do upset. I. I couldn't imagine." I giggled a little I looked at him and put my head on his shoulder.

"I hope you plan to fall asleep here because I'm actually warm." I smiled and nodded. We laid down and cuddled together. His warm strong arms wrapped around me and he held me close. For tonight I was Tania. Who knows who I'll be tommarow.

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