Goodbye Jane

I left a note on the fridge in magnet letters-

Goodbye Jane

Cameron Monaghan fanfic


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Tori's p.o.v

"Mom! This isn't fair. Your in Florida on Vacation and I'm stuck her in Santa Monica in my house with Bethany!" I yelled furiously through my new IPhone 5s!

"Tori. I am on vacation. Who is going to watch Beth if your gone. Huh?" She said making it clear she doesn't trust Beth. Or me. Ever since I went out and came home drunk and let Beth drink with me once I was home she won't even let me leave the house. It's been 1 year.

"Mom. Bethany is 15 not 14. She's more mature. And I'm almost 18! I can just leave ya know!" My face lit with fury and my palms sweaty due to the anger.

"TORI GOD DAMNIT! IF YOU LEAVE DONT BOTHER COMING HOME. SEE IF I CARE!" I heard her teeth scrape together as if she never even opened her mouth.

"Deal." I hung up as a flood of tears rolled down my cheeks. 1 and a half years ago my twin sister Ella was killed. Someone put drugs in her drink at a party. My father couldn't deal with it so he left. He left a note on the fridge in abc magnets it said-

Bye Janet

Janet is my moms name but everyone called her Jane. After that my mom started to hate me. But Bethany became spoiled and pampered. I would ask to go out to lunch with my friends and my mom would say no. But Beth could go get lunch with her friends. I'm tired of living like I'm worthless. I'm going. I'm gone.

"Beth..." I tapped my knuckles softly on her door and it nudged open. I walked in and walked over to her. She was on Ella's old Instagram. On a picture of me Ella and her. I kissed her head and she looked up. Tears were in her eyes.

"Do you know what tomorrow is?" She managed to say while tears streamed angrily down her perfect cheeks.

"What?" I don't even know what today is.

"One year and 6 months. She's been gone. And 1 year dad has been gone. Tori. All I have is you and mom. Don't go!" She pleaded. She heard it all.

"Beth. I have to go. I'm not treated fairly. And mom hated me. She wishes it was me. She wants me gone. I can't stay somewhere I'm not welcome. I love you. I'll find dad. And I'll send him home. But I'm leaving. Tonight." Tears formed in my eyes as I hugged Beth. She took a picture of me before. I hugged her until she fell asleep. Then I went to my room and wrote her a note-

Dear Bethy,

I miss you already. And I always will. You have been my anchor through everything. You have always pushed me to be the best me I am. I wish I didn't have to leave you. I wish I could take you with me. But I can't. It's not safe. And mom doesn't deserve that. I can't tell you were in going. But this isn't goodbye. It's just a see you later. I promise. I'm not far. See you later sis. I love you.


I put the pen down and taped the not to her door. I went down stairs with my bag packed. And grabbed the save jar money. 200$. Good. Then I walked to the fridge. I grabbed a water. When I shut the door I rearranged the magnets to say-

Bye Jane.

I opened the door and felt the cool Santa Monica breeze on me. I turned and close the door. I walked away. And turned and looked up to see Beth's light was now on. A tear fell down my cheek and I turned and walked. Not to anywhere specific I just walked. Away from the only person I had left in my life. On my way to one hell of an adventure. One with no end.

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