Goodbye Jane

I left a note on the fridge in magnet letters-

Goodbye Jane

Cameron Monaghan fanfic


6. V

Tori's p.o.v

I sat quietly in the waiting room. Covered in blood and my eyes red and bloodshot from tears. I wasn't crying mostly because I had no more tears. They all just drained. I had been waiting a long hour when a nurse came out.

"Tania?" She called looking around and at a lab report.

"THATS ME!" I shot up and walked over. I looked at my shoes and up at her. My heart started to beat fast and furiously against my ribs causing a lump to grow in my throat as I tried to hold back the tears.

"Cameron lost a lot of blood. He lived but only barely. The knife came just 1 cm from his heart. He has good luck. You can go see him now." She walked me towards his room and as I walked in I saw a pale dead like Cameron laying unconscious on the hospital bed. My heart dropped and tears fell from my eyes. I walked over and held his hand. It wasn't very warm. I sat down in a chair and put my head on his arm. I started to drift asleep as I thought of what will happen next. I can't take him home to a hotel.

Cameron's p.o.v

My eyes slowly opened as I felt a sharp pain in my ribs. I winced slightly to the pain. I felt a warmness on my arm. I looked over and saw beautiful blonde hair and Tania's perfect little face. She stayed here with me and didn't abandon me. She started to awaken.

"Cam?" She said as she rubbed her eyes.

"Tani?" She looked at me and kissed my lips softly. Her eyes were red from crying.

"Cameron. I'm so sorry. This was all my fault. I shouldn't have kissed your cheek and walked over to him. I could have gotten you killed. You almost died. It's all my fault!" She pleaded as tears puddles up in her eyes.

"Tani. This is not your fault. Don't say that. I was mad and I did the wrong thing by hitting him. But he was touching you and I couldn't let that happen. I. I. I love you." I finished off softly and quietly. I knew her for only 1 month and in already in love with her.

"Cameron. I. I love you too!" She said as she kissed my lips and places her forehead on mine. I looked into her bright green eyes. I saw a tear form in her eyes and as it began to fall I swiped it away.

"You still think it's your fault?" She picked up her head and sat in the chair.

"I can't help but think it is. I could have prevented it. I not stupid I know I could of! I just don't know why I didn't. I panicked and I couldn't think. I'm sorry." She looked at her shoes and I saw a tear drop fall onto her lap.

"Tani. Go home. Take care of Nala. I'll be home soon. Anyways. You have to work tonight." I grabbed her cheek and lifted her head.

"I'll be back tomorrow morning. Okay. I love you. Sleep tight!" She kissed my lips and walked out the room. I couldn't help but think I was getting her into a lot of trouble and pain.

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