Goodbye Jane

I left a note on the fridge in magnet letters-

Goodbye Jane

Cameron Monaghan fanfic


5. IV

Tori's p.o.v

After a few days we had rented out a hotel room. Me and Cameron woke up early to look for jobs.

"Good morning sunshine" I giggles as a grumpy Cameron waddled towards the bathroom to shower. I blow dried my long blonde hair and put it up in a sock bun. I put my glasses on instead of my contacts because it made me look older. I put on light washed blue jeans and a white tank top with a beige cardigan. I slid my feet into my brown flats and grabbed my phone,key, and wallet. I was on my way out when Cameron caught up and walked with me to my first stop, Starbucks. I applied quickly and went on to South Bar (a/n completely made up the last two. Not Starbucks tho) it was a local bar in south. In west there was west bar and in north, north bar. Ya get it. Well there is also South Cafe. I applied there too. One I finished I walked home and found out Cam applied to South Cafe and Starbs.

It was 5:00 and I was about to go out to eat when my phone rang. I answered it and because it was a number I didn't recognize I used my *sweet girl* on the phone voice.

"Hi. This is Tania!" I tried not to blow up inside. I hated talking in this voice.

"Hello, Tania. It's Paul from South Bar. I would just like to inform you that you have been accepted to work here." My heart started to beat out of my chest. I got a job. I couldn't believe it. I am making it on my own.

"Thank you sir." I said acting as if I wasn't dying.

"Call me boss. Can you start tomorrow at 7:30pm?" He asked in a very profession boss like tone which got me so exited.

"Yes boss! I will see you then. Bye." I let out a huge and loud fangirl squeal! Cameron came running in with a worried expression on his face.

"What?!?" His eyes shot all around me checking for any injuries.

"I GOT THE JOB AT SOUTH BAR!!" Relief ran through his as he ran up to me and twirled me around. Unexpectedly his lips made soft contact with mine pressing into them and caressing them gently. As he pulled away I felt my face turn bright red. He blushed and showed a perfect smile. When I left my house that day I thought that I was going to leave and be alone and depressed and on the street. But I'm in a hotel with a job and I'm not alone. I'm with an amazing guy that it seems to me that I'm falling for.

I woke up at 3:00pm. I slept in late again. I hopped in the shower and washed my hair. As I rinsed the conditioner out a noise came from outside the bathroom door.

"CAM!?" I yelled as I shut the water off. A shuffle came from outside again. I grabbed a toilet cleaning brush out the cabinet. I opened the door and saw a puppy!!

"Babe?" I called more calm now. I saw Cameron walk in out the corner of my eye.

"Congrats on your job. I got you a dwarf pup. Ya like?" I shot a look of excitement to him and back at the puppy. I then relised I was only wearing a towel. I got up and got ready. I put on a pair of jean shorts that my but barely hung out of. I paired it with a black tank-top and white heels.

"You look amazing." Cameron's mouth dropped open and his eyes widened. I gave a twirl and a giggle and grabbed my straitening iron. I finished and put my now strait hair in a ponytail and I put my glasses on. I wasn't a typical blonde. I had a normal but and not to big boobs. And my eyes were green. I hated my hair color. I want black! My mom always said Amy had black and I had blonde. That's out only difference. Our only uniqueness.

"I'm leaving now babe. Give me a kiss. And a hug. And carry me to work." He laughed and walked over. He kissed my lips and squeezed me tight. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to the lobby. I was laughing so hard I almost pissed my shorts. He put me down and kissed me again. I place my phone in my pocked and started walking. It was a five minute walk to the bar. When I got there it was 7:28. Yes. Early.

"PAUL!" I yelled into the back of the bar. He popped his head out and trained me. After that it was 8:45. I only had to work an hour on my own.

"Hey hun. Get me a beer. Cold. On ice." A man in a plaid shirt slurred out at me.

"Here ya go sir" I smiled and handed him his beer. After half an hour Cam came in.

"Hello doll face." He smiled as he sat down in front of me.

"Hey handsome. What would you like?" Cam giggled and looked at the other guys eyeing me. His smile faded and his face got serious.

"A. Pepsi please babe." He smiled and looked at the man in the plaid. I then noticed he was looking at my boobs. I felt perverted.

"Here babe." I handed Cam his drink and kissed his cheek. Just then the man in plaid stood up.

"HEY!GIVE ME SOME SUGAR!" He was obviously drunk. Cam looked at me and fire was burning in his eyes. I gave him a look of calmness. I could see he was still angry but he calmed down. I brought the man a glass of water.

"Sir. Drink this." I said sweetly.

"No. I don't want this I want you. I see you kiss the ginger. Now let me get a taste of that!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me over the bar and onto his lap. He started to rub his hand up my thigh and close to my shorts. Cameron jumped up and ran over he picked me up gently and slammed the man in the floor. He started to punch his face. I tried to pull him off but all of a sudden he fell over. He was stabbed. He was going to die. And without knowing. I'm in love with him.

"CAMERON!" I yelled. It was like I was all alone in a dark room. Everything became blurry. I placed my hand on his wound as I heard a paramedic!

"Ma'am. Please. We got him." He picked up both Cam and that low life. I collapsed to the floor in tears. This can't happen. He has to live. It's my fault. He'll never see his mom. He won't know.

The thoughts ran through my head. I was loosing myself.

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