fallen angel -Luke Hemmings-

"i wish i had an angel to stand by my side, i'm shanking with fear i'm so scared inside" hopeful by bars and melody


2. July 1st,2015

dear Luke Hemmings,

hi i'm river. i know this is probably going to sound like every other fan mail but, i LOVE your music. it helps me cope with my life. you see i live with my dad who gets drunk OFTEN. i have 1 friend at school. i'm not what you call "popular".  in fact i'm the opposite. i'm hated. sure i'm known through  out the school but, i'm told go die in a hole, drink bleach, eww don't touch me i'll be infected with your stupidness, your own mom didn't want you and called names like freak, loser, dumbo,bitch,attention whore. that last one always gets me. they only say it because i attempted suicide 4 years ago. that was before  i saw your please don't cover. your voice.. oh i don't know it just seems to calm me.i always listen to your band's music at this special place. only me and my mom know about it. my mom is ... well she's... in a comma. she got into a really bad car crash last year. that's why my dad is always drunk. i try to avoid home as much as possible. i cut but i'm trying to get over it i'm at least 2 weeks free. =) my favorite song is probably beside you. i like it because my mom when ever she was away she would always text me i wish i was beside you.


just another fan,


picture number1 is me at the place and picture number2 is my mother at the place


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